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BioShock iOS is a port of the original BioShock and the BioShock: Breaking the Mold art book for iOS devices. The version is a completely functional version of the original game with a graphics engine optimized for iOS devices. It released to the Apple Store for $14.99 USD[1] but has since been removed due to lack of compatibility with iOS 8.4 and later. While they initially pledged to work on compatibility issues on newer iOS versions (and by extension, later devices such as the iPhone X), 2K Games later announced in January 2017 that they have ceased support for this version of the game.[2]


The game mechanics are identical to the original game with all the same PlasmidsGene Tonics and Weapons. One noteworthy function this version lacks is jumping, which only affects the Welcome to Rapture level; the collapsed column in the Bathysphere Station is absent. Another missing feature is the Research Camera.

BioShock iOS uses touch-screen virtual gamepad controls which requires the player to use the touch screen of the device. The game can additionally be played with a separate Bluetooth-enabled controller.[1]



BioShock on iPad Gameplay, Developer Commentary

Developer commentary with IGN's Ryan McCaffrey and 2K Games' Casey Coleman.


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