Eleanor Lamp Portrait Title Blessing in Disguise
Speaker Eleanor Lamb
Level Outer Persephone
Blessing in Disguise
AD gNr110-lNr03 Eleanor Lamb - Blessing in Disguise f0233
Transcript: Mother says that my condition is a blessing in disguise; she constantly reminds me that I was born for the express purpose of promoting her ideals. And now she's trying to convince me to begin splicing with the same cocktail that drove Dr. Alexander mad! She thinks that my condition makes me immune to the damage... The surface is my only chance at freedom. But mother took the one person I knew from above and murdered him in front of my eyes... Father. If I could only find a way to bring him back...

Location: To the left of the statue labeled "Daddy meets Dr. Gilbert" in the Common Hall of the Cell Blocks.

AD gNr110-lNr03 Eleanor Lamb - Blessing in Disguise f0234

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