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Evelin canad Evelin canad 26 October 2020

Industrial Revolution Puzzle Solution

Note.There is more than one possible solution to many of the puzzles.

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Solarmech Solarmech 1 October 2020

How Comstock Came to Power in Columbia

A lot of this can be considered speculation but it is based on what is seen in game. Another reason this is a Blog Post is that I don’t think many people wonder that much about how Comstock came to power in Columbia or much about anything before that. It’s not important to the game.

I ran across an old interview with Ken Levine and in it he mentions that Comstock started off as a Protestant. (Reaching For the Heavens: BioShock Infinite's Racial Themes and Crafting Columbia with Ken Levine). In other words he didn’t start off proclaiming himself to the Prophet and deifying the Founding Fathers. So let’s start off right after Booker accepts the baptism and changes his name to Zachary Hale Comstock. Now I once saw a criticism of the Comstock n…

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Evelin canad Evelin canad 22 September 2020

BioShock and Philosophy: Irrational Game, Rational Book

Considered a sign of the ‘coming of age’ of video games as an artistic medium, the award-winning BioShock franchise covers vast philosophical ground. BioShock and Philosophy: Irrational Game, Rational Book presents expert reflections by philosophers (and Bioshock connoisseurs) on this critically acclaimed and immersive fan-favorite.

  • Reveals the philosophical questions raised through the artistic complexity, compelling characters and absorbing plots of this ground-breaking first-person shooter (FPS)
  • Explores what BioShock teaches the gamer about gaming, and the aesthetics of video game storytelling
  • Addresses a wide array of topics including Marxism, propaganda, human enhancement technologies, political decision-making, free will, morality, fem…
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МХК46 МХК46 16 April 2020

Pros and cons of all BioShock. (Do not throw stones at me)

I have known BioShock for several years and still love this game. But I wanted to discuss its pros and cons. Please do not hit)))

  • 1 BioShock
  • 2 BioShock 2
  • 3 BioShock Infinite
  • 4 Separately to Ken Levine

  • The graphics are pretty good for the beginning of the 21st century. The whole game world is quite colorful, voluminous and decorative, and the characters are not angular and not crooked.
  • The voice acting is nice. Listening to dialogues and audio diaries is a pleasure. Feelings are felt, there is no pretense.
  • The world of the game repeats the time that is shown to us. It can be seen that the developers studied the 20th century.
  • The plot is not bad, I never got bored. I was often moved by how the process of saving the little sisters takes place, …

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JollyHarriet JollyHarriet 4 April 2020

Constants & Variables

Hi, I though it would be fun to gather every parallel versions of things from Columbia and Rapture in one place. These are essentially the same thing only in different universes. If you come up with more please add them in the comments and I will add them later :D

  • 1 Rapture & Columbia
  • 2 Characters
    • 2.1 Andrew Ryan & Zachary Hale Comstock
    • 2.2 Jack & Booker DeWitt
    • 2.3 Little Sister & Elizabeth
    • 2.4 Big Daddy & Songbird
    • 2.5 Atlas & Daisy Fitzroy
    • 2.6 Brigid Tenenbaum & The Luteces
    • 2.7 Yi Suchong & Jeremiah Fink
    • 2.8 Jasmine Jolene & Lady Comstock
    • 2.9 Bill McDonagh & Cornelius Slate
    • 2.10 Diane McClintock & Preston E. Downs
    • 2.11 Rose & Preacher Witting
    • 2.12 Ryan the Lion & Peter the Parasite & Dimwit & Duke
  • 3 Objects & Locations
    • 3.1 The Lighthouse and The Lighthouse
    • 3.2 ADAM & Tear…

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Solarmech Solarmech 1 April 2020

BioShock Infinite and Theoretical Physics, Part 2

Now that the basics have been gone over, we can look at how these physics theories are use in BioShock Infinite. First off, BioShock Infinite is a game, and while it uses real world theoretical physics theories, it obviously isn’t going to follow them exactly. Making a good game is MUCH more important that following a physics theory exactly. And anyone that expects a game to follow real theories 100% has some very unreal expectations at best.

Let’s get the things that don’t come close to matching up with real world theories out of the way. This would obviously be Elizabeth’s powers to open Tears in reality and merge realities together. The Luteces being scattered all through time and space is also not anything found in real theories.


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Solarmech Solarmech 30 March 2020

BioShock Infinite and Theoretical Physics, Part 1

More than nearly any other game, BioShock Infinite involves a large amount of theoretical physics. This is not to say the physics in the game are the real thing. Just that it draws on many real concepts and theories, particularly those of Quantum Physics.

Something that needs to be stressed is that some people are not going to understand the physics here. Quantum Physics works on ideas and concepts that are very different than what we experience in the everyday world. And there are people that will just not be able to wrap their heads around these differences. Very few people, if anyone, truly understands Quantum Physics.

SPOILER WARNING! This contains spoilers for BioShock Infinite and it’s DLC, Burial at Sea.

First, let’s start with a short…

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МХК46 МХК46 11 March 2020

Survivors characters

Listed below are the residents of the Rapture, who have successfully survived.

Image (Character)

Fled from Rapture to the Surface.

Brigid Tenenbaum
Fled from Rapture to the Surface.

Fled from Rapture to the Surface. Adopted by Jack.

Eleanor Lamb
Fled from Rapture to the Surface. Remained partially Big Sister.

Sofia Lamb
Fled from Rapture to the Surface.

Charles Milton Porter
Fled from Rapture to the Surface.

Gilbert Alexander
Probably saved from the destruction of Fontaine Futuristics. Sailed into the ocean.

Grace Holloway
Remained in Rapture.

Stanley Poole
Remained in Rapture.

Cindy Meltzer
Saved the Eleanor.

Elaine McDonagh
Fled from Rapture to the Surface.

Sophie McDonagh
Fled from Rapture to the Surface.

Amy Ge…

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Solarmech Solarmech 9 December 2019

New BioShock Game Announced!

Well, it's finally happened a new BioShock game is in production. The Full announcement from 2K

2K Announces Newly-Formed Studio – Cloud Chamber™ – Developing Next Iteration in Acclaimed BioShock® Franchise

Studio to establish team across two locations: Novato, Calif. and Montréal, Québec

New York, NY – December 9, 2019 – 2K today announced the founding of Cloud Chamber™, the newest, wholly owned game development studio under the Company’s publishing label. A collective of storytellers eager to push the frontlines of interactive entertainment by making unique, entertaining and thoughtful experiences that engage the world, Cloud Chamber will build its team at two locations: 2K’s San Francisco Bay Area headquarters in Novato, Calif., as well as…

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Shacob Shacob 5 September 2019

Concept Art I Can't Figure Out

Hi, over the years I have found concept art from the various artist that worked for the games that I can't figure out what they depict. As we have seen time and time before, sources tend to die out, making the images gone forever, so I decided to save them on my computer and now share them with you. I've have listed them here so we have the concepts archived until we figure out what they depict. I will likely add more and feel free to add any picture you might know of in the comments and I will add them to the list. All the file names are the original ones (I recall doing something similar way back and I can not remember why I had it deleted).

  • 1 Image 1
  • 2 Image 2
  • 3 Image 3
  • 4 Image 4
  • 5 Images 5 and 6
  • 6 Image 7

Game: BioShock

Artist: Scott Sinclair

Source: …

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Kelis98 Kelis98 1 September 2019

Wiki Background

The fact that the wiki background doesn't fully fit the screen, bothers me and I don't think it looks too good. I was wondering if there's any chance a fullscreen picture could be used instead? I'm sure it would look much better than the current one. (Kelis98 (talk) 02:49, September 1, 2019 (UTC))

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Kelis98 Kelis98 20 August 2019

This wiki needs a discussion page.

It's odd that this wiki has no discussion page, it's not that hard to add, and would make discussions lot easier. (Kelis98 (talk) 18:32, August 20, 2019 (UTC))

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Stills2002 Stills2002 2 August 2019

Disambiguation Pages

Should we have the title for a disambiguation page include the word disambiguation? So that way when one clicks on it, they know it leads to two or more different pages? 

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Stills2002 Stills2002 16 May 2019

Images Needed on Disambiguation Pages

Hi, my name is Yukon Smith and I have been looking through the pages when I noticed that there is an image needed category for the disambiguation pages. I was wondering f we could take those categories down because there really is no point of having images within a disambiguation page. What do you all think? Thank you for your time! 

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ODST Marcus ODST Marcus 10 April 2019

Bioshock Community

I must remark, that even though I've only been here for a couple of months, the outstanding quality and devotion to the wiki, by a small group of people... is most impressive. I heartily keep urging the community to continue to support this wiki, as it was truly made by a love to the Bioshock franchise, and a unique outlook on writing.

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Ja219897 Ja219897 29 March 2019

What is favorite big daddy type and plasmids

Tell me your favorite big daddy types and plasmids

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Mainframe98 Mainframe98 16 February 2019

Fixing Template:Games

As you might've seen, has been broken for quite a while now, working not quite right. Its main issues are its, now awkward, placement, the tendency to cover content that resulted from the move and the fact that it would mostly show an empty square with no icons in it.

Luckily for us, the handy folks over at the Fandom Developers Wiki have a replacement for us. Using the EraIcons script, we can now place the icons where they originally were. I've created a demo at Template:Games/replacement, which you can see in action on BioShock Wiki:Sandbox. The icon in the top right, above the edit button, is the icon added by the new template. The one within the box in the article is our current solution. Stupidly enough functions fine on that page, s…

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Solarmech Solarmech 13 April 2018

Info from Kotaku that the next BioShock game is in production.

"Many of the people who helped make Mafia III are now gone, including the game’s art director, technical art director, senior producers, design director, many design leads, and a number of other key staff. Some left voluntarily; others were let go or asked to move. Some went to other game companies; others moved to the top-secret studio next door to work on an unannounced new BioShock game."

Now this is NOT an official statement from 2K. sm

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Doctor-Plague5113 Doctor-Plague5113 9 February 2018

The Lamb and The Crow: Chapter 1

Hello everyone! My name is Doctor-Plague5113. I love to write fanfictions, but I haven't been well received on every wiki. I love Bioshock, so that's my next story. Keep in mind two things: 1)This is my head canon. It shouldn't be compared to the main game in any way. 2) If you don't like something about the story, just tell me. As long as it's honest criticism, I'll take it into consideration. Enjoy!

Michael Corvus wasn't having the best day. He had woken up in his house in Emporia, and had immediatly felt like complete crap. He had reported to work, just like every other day. He was one of Comstock's personal "fixers". That meant that whenever there was a problem, he was sent to fix it. The biggest problem of today was the fact that the …

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Solarmech Solarmech 23 February 2017

Irrational Games announces new studio name.

Well, after so long being know as "Formerly Irrational Games", we know now the new name for the company. Ghost Story Games. The old Irrational web site still exists, but a new site is now up at: Ghost Story Games. Some stuff there but nothing on the new game yet. I don't know if they are going to pull the old site or not, so if there is anything you want from it, get it now. sm

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Mega Sean 45 Mega Sean 45 14 February 2017

What happened to the other characters in Infinite after Columbia seizes to exist?

So we know what happens to Booker, Elizabeth / Anna, and the Lutces after Columbia is erased from existence, but what about Slate, Fink, or Fitzroy? They obviously still exist in Booker's universe, but their lives are obviously different. Slate was still in Wounded Knee with Booker, and perhaps Slate would still fight against the Boxers, but with the Americans instead of Columbia, and even then, perhaps the output of that battle would've been different for Slate - maybe he didn't lose his eye in Booker's timeline. As for Fink and his bro-bro, maybe they might've turned out the same, only not as successful since they never discovered the tears, or maybe not successful at all, or maybe they had different occupations. Fitzroy, her occupation …

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D.Ryan D.Ryan 1 February 2017

Long time no see.


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Mainframe98 Mainframe98 20 January 2017

Proposal: a Business Infobox

Andrew Ryan once recorded: " enterprise is the foundation upon which our society has been established.". To me, it seems odd that this integral part of the games does not have its own Infobox. In my opinion, most (if not all) articles could benefit from having an infobox.
Now, at the moment this blog is presented to you, the BioShock wiki has + }} pages about businesses (give or take). That's + ) / * 100 round 2}}% of the total amount of articles on the wiki. Quite a lot! So, I've created an abomination the Business Infobox! It is not done however. I'm missing one very, very important part, and that is your input! Specifically, I'd like to get feedback on the points below:

  • Parameter naming.
  • Fields that you'd like to see.
  • Fields that a…

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Unownshipper Unownshipper 21 September 2016

A Serious Consideration

Friends, Rapturians, contributors, lend me your ears. I've been seriously considering a potentially large change that will impact the BioShock Wiki and I need your input.

All Wikis have optional features that impact the user experience including enabling/disabling things like polls, blogs, forums, etc. One of these Features is called "Require All Contributors to Log In;" it's exactly what it sounds like:

Do you want all contributors on your wikia to be logged in? When this feature is enabled, no anonymous visitors will be allowed to edit pages or participate in comments, Forum or Message Wall without logging in. Anyone can still create a Wikia account to join your community!

I've seen many Wikis that have this Feature turned on, the question is…

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Dava4444 Dava4444 31 July 2016

A Shock to the System.. or A Man decides A Clone Obeys

Hi WWW people!  

A rumor is often misheard or misunderstood.. or re-imagined. System Shock is an IP 'believed' to be the scfi-reversal-twin to Bioshock, from what I gather System Shock's theme, is; when AI goes quite mad. Bioshock being Steampunk retro-futuristic, dirty dank realism that we loved, of a charismatic genius. and SystemShock, .. from the Demo alone.. a world gone wrong. 

We are not getting another Bioshock.. if ever.. for another 5 years at least, so fans i imagine will flock to Nightdive's SystemShock..what will this be? The KS has now closed, but my copy is booked. I hope they make both Bioshock and SystemShock the twins they deserve to be.. not because they are.. but becuase the fans yearn for it. I wrote before on this subje…

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Kelis98 Kelis98 3 July 2016

BioShock Spelling?

Why does BioShock have a big S?, everywhere else it is spelled Bioshock. 

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Unownshipper Unownshipper 1 July 2016

Preparing for The Collection

So word has spread about BioShock: The Collection and we've already had the first of what will doubtless be many edits in reaction to the remaster. User:Mattb923 recently replaced the image above with the new image below in the BioShock section of The Lighthouse article.

This is where we must ask ourselves a series of questions. What do we do with the images that we'll be receiving? How do we organize them? How shall we arrange them on the articles that benefit from them?

One option is to replace the old images; that is, to go to the file page for the original image (this Andrew Ryan statue for example), select "Upload a new version of this file," and literally replace it with the remastered image. This is quick and effective for us, but many c…

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Unownshipper Unownshipper 29 June 2016

BioShock to Receive "Remastered" Makeover

"Good news, Mister or Missus citizen Rapture!"

Ten years is a long time, nonetheless BioShock remains a thrilling, thoughtful, and beautiful game. Still, time marches on and technology improves, and while the city of Rapture may deteriorate, it's about to become even more gorgeous.

BioShock The Collection has been announced. What does this mean? It appears that BioShock, BioShock 2, and BioShock Infinite will be enhanced and remastered for current platforms! So far only hints from 2K, the BioShock Twitter page, and a few screenshots have been released, but an official announcement is expected. Is this all a hoax? A vicious rumor drummed up by the Parasites? Hopefully we'll know soon enough. Stay tuned for more updates!

"Yes, we thought you'd like the …

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Kelis98 Kelis98 5 June 2016

Should there be a Plothole page?

I have noticed various plotholes/inconsistencies in the bioshock series (mainly in burial at sea) and was wondering if there should be a page dedicated to it or not? If so I can help create it. 

Also, I created a canon page awhile ago and it got deleted, I am curious as to why it was? 

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Swag AppleJack Swag AppleJack 5 June 2016

favorite vigor/plasmid?

shock jockey ftw

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Rapture Historian Rapture Historian 25 April 2016

Fake copies of Breaking the Mold BioShock Art Book

Counterfeit copies of the Breaking the Mold artbook have been spotted on eBay - this is a public service announcement from Rapture.

Someone out there is making a nice profit by misrepresenting and illegally selling fake copies of Breaking the Mold.

It kills me that fans may have bought these copies without knowing it, and unfortunately there's no way to warn people on eBay.

If this info can be spread, and linked as a warning on the Breaking the Mold page, it would be appreciated, to help warn our fan community.

The first seller is 555canada and the second seller is playcanada.

The first auction shows 6 sold for $49.99 with 1 more available, and who knows how many more have been sold already.

The second auction from a different seller has the SAM…

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Unownshipper Unownshipper 15 April 2016

BioShock Bingo

April can be a stressful time for many, especially here in America. Tax season, end of semester exams, the weather is still completely nuts, etc. We could all use a momentary distraction... how about a game of Bingo? The classic game of chance was invented in 1929 and certainly would have been played in Rapture. With that in mind, I present...


We've all completed BioShock, but maybe we've made two or more save files on different levels. So load up the game, or start from the beginning, and fill out the card every time you see, hear, or encounter something on the card.

Single Player Mode:

Time yourself. How long does it take you to get 5 in a row? How long until can you fill out all the spaces?

Single Player Mode:

The standard game…

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Mainframe98 Mainframe98 1 April 2016

Botflag for MainframeBot

You may have seen my bot MainframeBot editing several file pages in quick succession. I'm using AutoWikiBrowser to achieve this. It makes replacing categories, adding templates etc much easier. It does flood Special:Recentchanges and Special:WikiActivity however. By getting a bot flag, edits by an account flagged as a bot are hidden from the aforementioned special pages. A bot flag has to be requested from staff and usually requires community consensus. The question thus is:
Does the BioShock Wiki community agree with MainframeBot obtaining a bot flag?

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Unownshipper Unownshipper 22 March 2016

Fun with Fruit Crate Labels

I've talked before about how much I love the amazing visuals of BioShock and the successive games in the franchise. One of the most important aspects, both visually and narratively, were the advertisements seen around the city. The talented artists who worked on the game conducted so much research in order to recreate the aesthetics of the mid-20th century. While their original work is superb, one can't overlook the interesting matter of the "recycled" images.

It's been uncovered that many of the advertisement images were repurposed pictures, mostly from intricate fruit crate labels, made in the 1900s. We've all done our part to track down the original images to show how they were modified to create something new and useful to the BioShock serie…

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Solarmech Solarmech 18 March 2016

New? Video from early in Bisohock Infinite production

Found this on Twitter today, was originally posted by Jeremy Carson from Irrational Games. I don't recall seeing this before so I think it's new. This short vid shows what the UI looked like back when Vigors were by the dose rather than using Salt as they in the final game. It also show part of the production process in the "Pink Cudes Screaming" The Tweet:

#tbt my fave in-progress dev video from Bioshock Infinite. Pink cubes screaming and infinite MoC traps. #gamedev

Direct Link to the Vid:

sm --Solarmech (talk) 15:12, March 18, 2016 (UTC)

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Pauolo Pauolo 7 February 2016

Name change and display of the removed content pages

I'm making this blog post to get everyone's attention on the matter of the removed content pages, namely BioShock Removed Content, BioShock 2 Removed Content and BioShock Infinite Removed Content.

The first point I'd like to address is the title of these pages.

It has been brought twice to my attention that those titles can be misleading, as all stuff listed are not just removed content. Some of them are unused concepts, others aborted game versions and lore/story script, and sometimes you can't really tell if a specific concept was actually implemented in the game at least once (for example, before the Museum of Orphaned Concepts the Aggressor NPCs were only known as concepts from BioShock: Breaking the Mold, not actual 3D models).

That is wh…

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Solarmech Solarmech 3 February 2016

Original Bioshock Pitch

These pages are the Original "pitch" for Bioshock that Ken Levine shopped around to different publishers. Unownshipper said to put these pages up and see if they made the grade for their on page (They should). Irrational Games put these up in the From the Vault in 2010 as .png images and can still be found there. I have found some of the background images for the monsters on these pages, but those don't need to go up here. As a note, in many ways the main character described in this pitch is more like Booker DeWitt than Jack. So I guess Irrational/Levine WILL go back to unused/rejected ideas rather than totally scrapping them.

Original_Bioshock_Pitch_Cover.png Original_Bioshock_Pitch_Pg1.png Original_Bioshock_Pitch_Pg2.png Original_Bioshoc…

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Unownshipper Unownshipper 3 February 2016

BioShock Wiki Adminship Update

One might describe the future of the BioShock series as similar to the fate of Rapture: murky at best. What is certain is that this Wikia will carry on. Everyday it feels like we learn a little more about the development and creation of this series as Ken Levine or other developers slowly reveal more insight. Additionally, the fandom only seems to increase as the franchise ages like fine wine. Bearing this in mind, what this site needs is the right people in a position to maintain and enhance it so that it remains in pristine condition for all who come here.

So, it is with great pleasure that I announce that Mainframe98's Request for User Rights has been approved. With this upgrade, he joins Willbachbakal, myself, and our fellow senior editors i…

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Pojemnik na spermę Jechowy Pojemnik na spermę Jechowy 29 December 2015

A simple question to the wiki community

Is there any BioShock fanon wiki, for custom characters, locations, etc?

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Mainframe98 Mainframe98 29 November 2015

Access the Transcripts: BioShock Infinite and its DLC's!

Removed content is always a fascinating part of every BioShock game. In this blog I will show you how you can access the transcripts of BioShock Infinite and it's DLC's. It's really easy. All you need is a computer with access to the game files of BioShock Infinite and a text editor. Notepad, which is available on any Windows computer, is sufficient, although many users prefer something like Notepad++. The computer DOESN'T have to be able to run the game, just be able to download the files.

  1. Navigate to the location of the game files. On default this is
    C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\BioShock Infinite for 32 bit and
    C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\BioShock Infinite for 64 bit. You can also find this in the setting menu of Steam…

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Mainframe98 Mainframe98 10 October 2015

Portable Infoboxes - See the Progress!

Wikia moves to new Infoboxes, called Portable Infoboxes. In short, these infoboxes use a much easier system with XML tags which can be customised by using css, and are fully compatible with mobile devices.

I have been working on rewriting both the templates and CSS for the infoboxes to make sure we can make the change as quick and painless as possible. On my sandbox I have added a section where examples of these new infoboxes are visible. For reference they also have been included at the end of this blog.

While the switch can be made without too much changes on the individual articles, there are a few things to keep in mind:

  • The align parameter has been deprecated.
  • The website parameter now requires complete input, something like
  • 1 Read More
    • 1.1 H…
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Mainframe98 Mainframe98 2 October 2015

Problems with disappearing page content

Several contributors have encountered pages whose content seems to be missing, displaying only an empty blue area where the content used to be and the bar with the categories. To fix this add ?action=purge to the end of the URL, like this: This will refresh the page by reloading it completely.

There are tools available to make this easier. PurgeButton, for example adds a button to the edit menu, allowing to purge a page more easily. To add this tool, go to Special:Mypage/wikia.js and create a page with importScriptPage('PurgeButton/code.js', 'dev'); as content. If you want to use this tool on all the wikis on Wikia, go to w:special:Mypage/global.js.

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D.Ryan D.Ryan 22 September 2015

Retailer Leaks Remastered BioShock?

Remember back in March when I asked you what a remastered BioShock would look like? Well that thought might actually become a reality. According to Forbes, the South African retailer Raru has removed a listing for The BioShock collection.

"The BioShock Collection, a remastered bundle supposedly out for PS4 and Xbox One on November 27th."

We haven't heard anything about this supposed bundle from 2K. It's also unclear which BioShock games will be included in the bundle, some speculate that it'll be just BioShock and BioShock 2, or BioShock and BioShock Infinite (why does everyone cut BioShock 2 out of the sequel? I thought it was good.) Suppose it is true, will we see all the DLC from all games included? I hope so.  

As was said bef…

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Brainwasher5 Brainwasher5 2 September 2015

Ryan, Galt, and Rand--thoughts on Bioshock and Objectivism

Disclaimer: I am neither a die-hard fan of Ayn Rand nor am I an objector to every single thing she says.

The first time I played Bioshock 7 years ago, I concluded that Bioshock was a criticism of Randian philosophy--that the game was saying that if Ayn Rand's ideals were placed in the real world, it would fail spectacularly. Inject a highly destructive, highly addictive substance into a society that has no regulations--and watch it collapse. After playing through Bioshock again these last few weeks, here is my tentatively revised opinion.

Before I begin, some background: most who play Bioshock know that it's inspired by Ayn Rand's book, Atlas Shrugged. In Atlas Shrugged (spoilers), a man (named "John Galt") leads a "strike of the mind" by con…

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Electro Bolt Electro Bolt 7 August 2015

BioShock Civil War Arsenal Ideas


Merwin & Hulbert Pocket Army

Rast & Gasser M1898

Luger P08

Webley-Fosberry P14

Astra 900

Browning Hi-Power P35


Astra 600

Makarov PM

Smith & Wesson Bodyguard

CQB Weapons:

Colt Lightning Carbine

Winchester M1901

Browning Auto-5

Remington M10

New Itacha Double

Bergmann Schmeisser MP 18/I

Suomi KP-31

Thompson M1928A1

Sten Mk II / Austen

CZ Model 26

Infantry Rifles:

Fusill Mle 1886 M93

Martini-Enfield Mk II

Arisaka Type 38 / 44 / 97


Fedorav Avtomat

Savage Model 99 .300 Savage

Mannlicher Stutzen M1895/30

M1 Garand

MP 44


Auto Rifles & Hand-held Machine Guns:

Lewis Gun Mk I

BAR M1918

Nambu Type 96


FG 42-2

Machine Guns:

Vickers MG Mk I

Nambu Type 92 "Woodpecker"


Browning M1919A4

MG 42

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Solarmech Solarmech 29 July 2015

Funko Pop! Line of Bioshock Collectibles Revealed

Figures in the line so far are Elizabeth, A Little Sister, two versions of Booker DeWitt (One with a SkyHook the other with a pistol) and a large sized Bouncer Big Daddy. They are supposed to become available in September 2015.

Full story with pictures of the figures | Here.--Solarmech (talk) 11:32, July 29, 2015 (UTC)

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Mainframe98 Mainframe98 20 April 2015

Featured article rotation

As you may have seen, I have created a template that allows the featured article to be replaced every week or month. Currently, all articles are placed at BioShock Wiki:Featured Articles. It is quite a tedious task to decide which articles are suitable, since there are 52 articles needed. Shacob made an excellent suggestion, and I hope that there are more contributors with good ideas. If you want to add an article, please keep the following things in mind:

  • Stubs, audio diaries, voxophones, map pages, plasmids/tonics, gear and articles with a lot of tables are not very suitable.
  • One image is enough, preferably a logo, audio diary or voxophone picture.
  • A good quote at the top is preferable, it does not need to be the one from the article. If yo…
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Unownshipper Unownshipper 28 March 2015

Protection on the BioShock Wiki

Recently, this site has had repeated, unwanted dealings with vandals. In order to prevent further headaches, certain protection locks have been set up to prevent more asinine behavior. While on the subject, I'd like to discuss the implementation of protection on other pages.

A large number of articles on this site do not receive many (or any) edits after they've been created. For some, they've simply been expanded to the necessary length and detail, and no they longer require any updates or attention. Others simply don't have any additional information open to the general public to warrant further contributions. The Audio Diaries tend to fall under the former category, but the BioShock 2 Removed Content Audio Diaries in particular fall unde…

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UnboundIsaac UnboundIsaac 27 March 2015

1999 Mode!

I need your help! I have beaten Infinite on hard, and I'm looking to beat 1999 mode, what are some solid strategies you guys use?

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D.Ryan D.Ryan 22 March 2015

What would a remastered BioShock look like?

Do you guys remember when BioShock was announced for iOS devices? Well if you recall in the comments of that blog post, I said I would rather have had a remastered BioShock instead of an iOS port over? Well I just got the next best thing.

The original BioShock, like all other games ran on the Xbox 360 and PS3 used the Unreal Engine #3 Well as you may or may not know that game engine is considered outdated. This is because a newer game engine was released; Unreal Engine #4, current generation consoles like the Xbox One, and the PS4 run on it. Well I recently found a video that displays the BioShock world on the Unreal Engine #4. 

It is my belief that this is the closest thing I will ever see to a next-gen version of BioShock, I pray that 2k w…

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