Bloodlust is a Gene Tonic that allows small amounts of Health and EVE to be gained with each blow to enemies with the Wrench.


Strategy Edit

  • Bloodlust only restores your health when you hit a living target with the wrench, hitting corpses and objects will not restore any health.
  • The healing provided by Bloodlust is a flat rate per-hit, the damage that you do to the target does not factor into how much health is restored.
  • The finishing blow on a target will not restore any health, this can actually result in Bloodlust being less effective when paired with multiple power-enhancing tonics such as Wrench Jockey or when used on the Easy difficulty setting.
  • Bloodlust synergizes extremely well with the SportBoost series of Gene Tonics due to the increased wrench swing speed.
  • Bloodlust can be an effective strategy against Big Daddies on the Easy difficulty setting, but it tends to be suicide on higher difficulty settings.