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For the bookstore in Burial at Sea - Episode 1, see Bookstore.
Books Sign

The store entrance.

I told him not to speak up against Mr. Ryan's policies, and now he's missing! Just never came home! I went by the bookstore and all his books are gone too.
― Gloria Parson[src]

Books was a small shop run by Harold Parson on Skid Row in Pauper's Drop of Rapture. After his disappearance, the store was shuttered by Ryan Security.


Harold Parson wanted to help educate inhabitants, improve the conditions of Pauper's Drop, and provide for his impoverished family, leading him to open his bookstore in its poorest section, Skid Row. Aside from the usual publications, he began stocking and advertising Sofia Lamb's controversial book, Unity and Metamorphosis.

When word got out that he was supporting Lamb and speaking out against Andrew Ryan's policies, Parson suddenly disappeared and his shop closed down. His wife and child were left behind in The Sinclair Deluxe wondering where he was.[1]

BioShock 2Edit


The ransacked bookstore.

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When Subject Delta arrives at the bookstore, the front door is locked. However, a hole in the wall of the backroom of the neighboring Dr. Hollcrofts allows access to a Control Panel to unlock the door.

The bookstore has been stripped down to empty shelves, with only advertisements for Sofia Lamb's services and Unity and Metamorphosis as well as a Women's Club poster adorning the walls. There is a Safe, an Audio Diary, some Potato Chips, and some ammunition around the sales desk. A Gene Bank is in one corner.

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Audio DiaryEdit

  1. Mark Meltzer - Blood and Lamb - On the counter.



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