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A Bot Shutdown Panel is a machine that will stop the flying, shooting Security Bots the player encounters after tripping the security system (often by being spotted by an unhacked Security Camera). The presence of a Bot Shutdown Panel is often a clue that the player will soon encounter a camera. Bot Shutdown Panels cannot be hacked.

BioShock Edit

In BioShock, twenty Dollars are required to use the Bot Shutdown Panel. The effect is immediate: any hostile Bots will drop to the ground instantly, leaving them vulnerable to attack or to hacking.

BioShock 2 Edit

In BioShock 2, there is no cost required to use the Bot Shutdown Panel.


In Fontaine Futuristics, the player will need to break the hacking devices placed on several Bot Shutdown Panels by Gilbert Alexander to break his control over an invulnerable Security Bot.

Help Caption Edit

Bot Shutdown Panels are used to cancel active Security Alarms and shut down any Security Bots that have been Summoned by the alarm. Using a Bot Shutdown Panel is free.

Alarms can also be canceled by successfully hacking the device that originally triggered it, whether it was a Security Camera or a failed hack on another machine.

Behind the Scenes Edit

  • In a preliminary version of BioShock, Bot Shutdown Panels would have been deactivated through ADAM, due to the fact that ADAM was originally planned to be the currency of Rapture. They would have been called "Security Stations" instead of "Bot Shutdown Panels", and the player would have been able to hack them to lower the cost in ADAM.[1]

References Edit

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