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Look at this! Those dirty Vox are at it again! See them villains zippin' around? Spreadin' their lies and dissent? Fear not! I got just the cure! Grab a shotgun and go to work! You there! You got what it takes to keep our city safe? A mighty fine prize if you can keep those sky-lines clear!
― Shotgun Barker[src]
Bring Down the Sky Line Vox sign
Sky Line-Vox

The shooting gallery

Bring Down the Sky-Line Vox is one of three different carnival games at the Fairgrounds in Columbia's Town Center. The player uses an air Shotgun to shoot as many Vox Populi targets within 40 seconds. The targets slide across the target area from either direction and on each of three different Sky-Lines. The prizes are as follows:

  • First Prize (20 points): Silver Eagle Purse
  • Second Prize (10 points): Coins
  • Third Prize (5 points): Cigarettes

Behind the Scenes[]