For Audio Diaries from Burial at Sea - Episode 2, see Burial at Sea - Episode 2 Audio Diaries.
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Audio diaries are the main narrative device of the BioShock series. They were recorded by the citizens of Rapture, either as notes for themselves or as messages for other residents. When the player picks up an audio diary, he or she can usually choose to play its message.

BioShock Infinite's downloadable content, Burial at Sea - Episode 1, features 17 audio diaries which can be now found dated by their previous users. Collecting them all is required to unlock the "Audio Enthusiast" achievement/trophy. They are marked as 'Audio log' when picking up.

Market StreetEdit

  1. Sander Cohen - Doing Well by Doing Good - 907 Market Street - Under the counter.

High StreetEdit

  1. Yi Suchong - Observation #33 - Maison Vosges - Backroom.
  2. Roscoe Mullins - The Goddamn People - The Watched Clock - On a kitchen desk.
  3. Yi Suchong - Offer of Employment - In a locked maintenance room near the Watched Clock (code is on the 'The Goddamn People' diary).

Fontaine's Department StoreEdit

  1. Sander Cohen - The Old Bear - The Daily Bread (need 1 lockpick to access) - First floor behind bar counter.
  2. Moses Lydecker - Left Behind - Menswear - In a Hop up crate at a small room accessed by a crawlspace upstairs.
  3. Sander Cohen - Critics - Menswear - At the back of 'Haberdashery' store on a dressing room floor.
  4. Moses Lydecker - Message in a Bottle - Ladieswear - At 'Jewelry' store backroom (requires 3 lockpicks to enter).
  5. Moses Lydecker - Insufficient Postage - Ladieswear - 'Shoes' shop storeroom (code for the door is in 'Message in a Bottle' audio log.
  6. Herschel Weiss - False Advertising - Fontaine Plasmids - In the safe with Infusion. Requires 3 lockpicks to open.
  7. Ray Lardner - A Gift from Fontaine - Jack Frost's Village - Inside 'Jack Frost's Souvenirs' booth. Needs Shock Jockey electricity blast to open the door.
  8. Herschel Weiss - Ghost in the Machine - Prêt-à-Porter - In the second dressing room at the back.


  1. Bert Unger - Oven of the Future - Electronics - In the broken lift straight ahead of the entrance to 'Electronics'.
  2. Shirley Womack - The Kiss - Bistro - Downstairs on kitchen counter next to register´.
  3. Yi Suchong - Observation #17 - Returns - 'Customer Service' on a table right next to the Little Sister vent you need to close.
  4. Edith Crenshaw - A Little Help - Bridal - Behind shopkeeper counter under cash register.
  5. Yi Suchong - Observation #22 - Staff rooms behind Appliances. After Elizabeth opens the locker room door, head left, freeze the water to make a bridge, head over it and turn left to find it on a table in a small office.

Removed Audio DiaryEdit

  1. Charlie Lydecker - Half-Ass - Removed from Housewares.