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For the Consumables in the main game, see BioShock Infinite Consumables.

Consumables are the food, drink, medicinal, and recreational drugs around Rapture and Columbia. Upon consumption, these items have an effect on the user's Health, EVE, or both, either in loss, or restoration, or both. They can have a substantial effect when consumed in large quantities. All consumables are used immediately on pickup.



Alcohol restores a small amount of Health when consumed, but drains some EVE. If multiple units are consumed back to back, a short duration of blurry/double vision will occur.

  • Absinthe (Fully increases EVE but decreases Health by half and instantly inebriates)
  • Unknown Booze (Fully increases Health but decreases EVE by half and instantly inebriates)

Recreational Drugs[]


Recreational drugs restore a small amount of EVE when consumed, but drain Health in equal quantity.

Non-Alcoholic Drinks[]

BASLootIcon14.pngBASLootIcon40.pngBASLootIcon26.pngBaS1 Tea Ingame Icon.pngBaS1 Thermos LootIcon.png

Drinks restore a small amount of EVE when consumed.


BASLootIcon2.pngBASLootIcon3.pngBASLootIcon6.pngBASLootIcon7.pngBASLootIcon8.pngBASLootIcon11.pngBASLootIcon15.pngBASLootIcon19.pngBASLootIcon21.pngBASLootIcon22.pngBASLootIcon23.pngBASLootIcon24.png BaS1 Crackers Loot Icon.png

Food restores a small amount of Health when consumed.


BaS1 Medicine Loot Icon.png

Medicinals restore a small amount of Health when used.