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For the removed content from BioShock, BioShock 2 and BioShock Infinite, see Removed Content.

Like the main game BioShock Infinite, the two-part downloadable content Burial at Sea had a lot of content that was cut from the final version of the game, from concept art that did not make it past the drawing board to full storylines.



Elizabeth burial at sea concept art

Elizabeth's five concepts.

Before Elizabeth's primary outfit was chosen, she had five different proposed variants which included an A-Line day coat, an evening gown with formal gloves, a hooded cloak, and an outfit similar to her final ensemble, but with a more revealing neckline. These proposals also showcased alternative shoes, accessories, and hairstyles.

In interviews prior to her playable debut, she was to retain her tear ability that would have created a new experience for players apart from the stealth mode implemented in the final game. For the sake of the plot or gameplay reasons, her tear abilities were removed from the final game and replaced with Plasmids.[1]

Cyrus Gale[]

Cyrus Gale is a character who was completely cut from Episode 2, along with his Audio Diary Operation Deep Dive. He was part of Ryan Security and was sent to Fontaine's on New Year's Eve of 1958 to eliminate Atlas, his followers, and Elizabeth.

Cora Flannigan[]

The character Kay Flannigan from Burial at Sea - Episode 2 was originally named Cora Flannigan. This is revealed by the fact that the file for her Audio Diary portrait is named AudioLog CoraFlannigan. It's worth noting that every other character in Episode 2 has their correct name in their portrait's file name.

Early Splicers[]

BaS Female Splicers Concept Art

Concept art of Splicer design.

Many unused Splicer model variants and props were proposed but removed or repurposed. This includes two more female Splicer designs, weapons (with the likeness of Columbia weaponry), and attire.

One design presented a more professional-looking female Splicer dressed in a blouse, belted skirt, and matching bolero jacket. The other would-be female Splicer appears in evening attire. Her outfit consists of a black dress with a plunging neckline and bow detail, a white fur shrug, a pearl necklace, and gloves.

Grenade Launcher/RPG Splicer[]


Concept for the Grenade Launcher Splicer.

Concept art exists for a Splicer enemy that would have carried a grenade launcher or RPG with them. Like other Splicers in Fontaine's this enemy would have worn impromptu protective covering; in his case, armor fastened from sheet metal. This unique enemy type did not appear anywhere in the game, but the model's design is slightly similar in appearance to some of the male Splicers encountered in the store, albeit, more buff. In terms of their weapon choice, bulky physique, and use of armor, this proposed Splicer is similar to the Beast Heavy Hitter enemy from BioShock Infinite.

Jockey Splicer[]


The finalized model.

The Jockey Splicer was an enemy who had consumed too much of the drinkable Plasmid Shock Jockey. The character was alluded to by Booker DeWitt in Burial at Sea - Episode 1 and was supposed to be featured in Burial at Sea - Episode 2, but was ultimately cut far along in the process for unknown reasons. It even had its own character completed model, which can be found in the game files, and cartoon caricature, which can be seen in the Need to Know Theater film Message Received, Ryan!. Unused sound files for Elizabeth has her refer to this Splicer as a "Jockey",[2] "Shock Jockey",[3] "Shocker",[4] and a "Volter".[5]

Nitro Splicer[]

Unused audio files from Burial at Sea - Episode 1 indicate that Nitro Splicers were intended to appear in the downloadable content taking place in Rapture. Elizabeth would have alerted Booker DeWitt when a Nitro Splicer was spotted, by saying something similar to: "Take care, it's Nitro…"[6]. The reason why the Nitro Splicer was not included in either episode is not known.

Law Enforcement[]

A slide in Gavin Goulden's "Change Is Good: The Importance of Iteration Within a Character Art Pipeline" GDC presentation shows a line-up of NPCs in Burial at Sea. Among Splicers, the Big Daddy and Little Sister, a police officer (identical to the ones seen in Columbia) are shown,[7] which reveals that police or security forces were intended to be encountered in the pre-war streets of Rapture. Concept art by Scott Sinclair also shows policemen stopping a crime on the streets of Rapture.[8] In the final game, no security forces are seen apart from Ryan Security. Others have claimed that officers would have looked similar in appearance to the Ducky model from the original BioShock.[citation needed]

Little Sister[]

Alpha-footage for Burial at Sea - Episode 1 reveals that Booker would have seen the Little Sisters walk into the Little Wonders Educational Facility with their instructor, and be able to watch the little girls go about their business, playing games or daydreaming, behind windows within the facility.[9]

Rapture Citizen[]

In Alpha-footage for Burial at Sea - Episode 1, both male and female citizens had at least two more head and model variations not seen in the final game. Some of the head models were repurposed from BioShock Infinite. At least two variants can be seen walking with a cane or a baby carriage.[9]

In early rendered screenshots of High Street, there is a model that wears a trench coat. This model could have simply been another model variation, a specific character model, or a precursor model of what would have become a Jockey Splicer.[10]

Suchong's Lab Assistant[]

Unused subtitles indicate that a lab assistant, possibly named Harlan, was supposed to be heard and possibly seen inside Dr. Suchong's Free Clinic after Elizabeth arrives. This assistant is heard berating and beating a Big Daddy that had gone "off the reservation" to travel to Fontaine's Department Store and kill Splicers. The idea for the drill was from this assistant and he was very angry that his idea was being "killed" by Suchong because of this Big Daddy's actions.[citation needed]


An eight-armed octopus was seen on a Burial at Sea - Episode 1 pre-launch image of Elizabeth looking over the city of Rapture from the large windows on Market Street,[11] and on the banner for Burial at Sea - Episode 2.[12] This octopus has however not been seen in the final versions of the two episodes though the model is loaded into the engine at some point in Episode 1.

Mechanics, Gameplay and Promotional Elements[]

Alternate Elizabeth introduction for Burial at Sea - Episode 1[]

A storyboard animatic was created for an early version of Elizabeth's introduction scene in Burial at Sea - Episode 1, but it was not used.[13] In this version Booker starts off shaving in a mirror rather than being asleep. There is a knock on the door and a female figure enters. The woman goes to the window and then sits on Booker's desk. Upon sitting on the desk she coyly picks up a pack of cigarettes and takes one. The woman leans forward to have the cigarette lit and her identity is revealed as Elizabeth. While this full sequence was not used, it was an important step in the development of the final version.

Removed Elements[]

Burial at Sea - Episode 1[]

Many of the quest elements we know of that were removed from Episode 1 concern a quest to acquire parts for Elizabeth to make a Sky-Hook. This entails activating a security system, destroying a Pneumo Turret, locating a workbench with tools and obtaining certain parts. As a note, despite being called a Sky-Hook, these files could be from a time period before the name “Air Grabber” was used. A door that had been chained shut and the chains needed to be removed with a tool, possibly the Air Grabber. In one instance a door would be powered open by using the Radar Range, called the Microwave Gun in the files.[14] This seems very similar to the quest to acquire Shock Jockey in the final version. At one point while still in Rapture, Booker would take a key from Elizabeth, but the circumstance for this is unknown, but it seems likely that Elizabeth stole this key.[15] A new Plasmid was to be introduced in this episode called Chameleon[16] which allowed the player to turn invisible much like Peeping Tom did in Episode 2. Upgrades for the Chameleon Plasmid allowed the player to do double damage while invisible and the Shield to recharge.[17] The Bird’s Eye Sniper Rifle could be brought to Rapture through a Tear at one point but was removed.[18]

There are references for six Gears not seen in Episode 1; Brittle Bullets, Coat of Harms, Little Bang Theory, Make Soup, SoulTrap, and Urgent Care.[19] In the game's graphics files there are four unused icons for Gears, some of which do not seem to match up with the unused Gear from the "DLCB_Arc_XGearComponents.INT" file.

The files also reference Elizabeth being able to open two tears simultaneously. How this is achieved and when Elizabeth gains this ability is unknown, but it is possible she starts Episode 1 being able to do this. The files also indicate that Elizabeth was to use Gear or have Gear-like abilities. The first of these "GearLiz" listings is Winter Shield which evidently was to give Elizabeth protection from damage. The other is Salt Cost Reduction, a possible indication that Elizabeth would have been using Plasmids or Vigors.[20] Given that the developers didn't want Elizabeth to "steal kills" from the player it seems likely that the use of Plasmids or Vigors would be purely defensive in nature. These defensive actions on Elizabeth's part do fit in the early development of the character when she would defend herself from an enemy by kicking them if they tried to grab her.[21] Elizabeth also had the ability to "grift" people on the players command, probably to distract them.[22] Elizabeth does do this in the final version, but it is not controlled by the player when to do it.

While most of the major plot points for Episode 1 seem to be the same or at least highly similar to the earlier version of the story there are some changes that have a profound impact. Firstly, the Booker in Episode 1 is not a version of Comstock that fled to Rapture, but the same Booker DeWitt from the main game, demonstrated by Booker calling Plasmids "Vigors". Booker also uses the term "splicing" in a very natural way which would seem to indicate that he had been in Rapture for some time, possibly years.[23] Given the events of the final version of Episode 1 there is the possibility that the player is supposed to think that the Booker in Episode 1 is not the same Booker as in the main game and there is a reveal at some point about this, similar to the one about "Booker" actually being a version of Comstock. The girl that Booker was hunting for was not named Sally, but is his daughter, Anna, who has been turned into a Little Sister.

It is unknown what Booker remembers and does not remember in Episode 1, but there is no evidence that he recognizes Elizabeth. The files also have a reference to the sequence near the end of the main game where Booker grabs Comstock in an attempt to stop him from taking Anna through the Tear to Columbia.[24] When this sequence occurs in Episode 1 the file name "S_DEPT" showing that it takes place in Fontaine's Department Store and should be connected to the reveal about Booker in Episode 1 is the same character as in the main game. Given that Booker has Anna it can be surmised that he was successful in recovering his daughter from Comstock, but had forgotten about it. How Booker and Anna got to Rapture and why Booker was having memory problems was at least partially explained at this point.

Burial at Sea - Episode 2[]

Burial at Sea - Episode 2 was quite different early in development. While it still took place in Fontaine’s Department Store the player was not playing as Elizabeth, but as Booker DeWitt from the main game. Booker’s name is not stated, but the character speaks like Booker, calls a Plasmid a Vigor and has a daughter named Anna. Elizabeth’s status in this early version of Episode 2 is never made clear. Her name is mentioned once when Booker talks about a recording of Elizabeth. However “quest” lines spoken by Booker often use “we” and “us” indicating that there are two people. It seems a logical conclusion that Elizabeth is with Booker.[25]

In this early version of the story Fontaine’s Department store is still a prison, but there are no signs of Atlas being involved. At some point in the story, likely in Episode 1, Booker had battled a Big Daddy in his effort to rescue Anna but failed. Recovering from the loss Booker decides it was “time to be smart” and lure the Big Daddy into a trap and defeat him. To lure the Big Daddy they need to lure Anna with a recording of her favorite lullaby. Use of the lullaby has the secondary benefit of reminding Anna of her father. In addition to the song, a damaged jukebox must be repaired - to do both Booker must enter the stories Radio Department. Unfortunately, this area is protected by a microwave barrier. To get through this barrier Booker needs to acquire the Chameleon Plasmid which he calls a Vigor. A code to open the jukebox to make the repairs must also be located in the Radio Department. A mannequin of a young girl completes the trap, which is set up in the Atrium of the store. After the defeat of the Big Daddy, Booker discovers that a bomb has been armed inside a locked room, which must be located and disarmed.[26] The bomb in question could be the one that exploded at the Kashmir Restaurant and started the Rapture Civil War.

The file names for the Little Sisters indicate that Anna was to have a purple dress, with two versions of her head and face - one "clean", the other as a Little Sister. The Little Sister version was given blond hair and reused for Sally in both Episode 1 and Episode 2.

In addition to the early storyline information, there are references to quests for an item that allows Elizabeth to open up to three tears at once. The phrasing indicates these are from a later version of the story where Elizabeth is the main character, but before the game mechanic of her using Tears had been removed in favor of Plasmids.[27]

Additional files exist that reference removed quests in Columbia from the final version of Episode 2. Apparently when Elizabeth went through the Tear she arrived some distance from Finkton, consequently forced to locate a crashed barge and use it for transportation. After completing her tasks in Finkton, Elizabeth would return to the barge.[28] Other cut material indicates searchable animal traps, cheese, and ice cream as consumables,[29] whilst a waiter needed to be followed to access a locker room[30]. There is a mechanic for Elizabeth to pick pockets in Episode 2, however there is little indication that this mechanic exists in the final version other than references within the game files.[31]

Another cut involves searching Andrew Ryan’s “goons” to find a security code to unlock the door to the aforementioned (cut) bomb, or from Elizabeth's return to Rapture with the Lutece Particle.[32]

Unused Promotional Concept Art[]

Artist Kat Nicole Berkley was tasked in making a noir-style promotional poster for Burial at Sea - Episode 2, which never made it past the drawing board.


Unknown Bistro Area[]

BaS WIP Bistro

A work in progress for a Bistro somewhere in Fontaine's Department Store. It is unknown if this is a cut area or it was development into The Bistro at Fontaine's.

King Pawn & Scallop Spirits[]

Main street concept art

King Pawn & Scallop Spirits.

Early concept art of an area that resembles Market Street shows a King Pawn store located on the promenade. It's unclear if it was intended to be on the strip or if it's just a placeholder for other stores. The same concept features a bar or liquor store called Scallop Spirits, which was later removed in exchange for Sinclair Spirits.

Market Street[]

According to Alpha footage for Burial at Sea - Episode 1, as opposed to the retail version of the DLC, Market Street and High Street were connected by glass tunnels instead of an elevator. Through careful observation, the glass tunnels would have led to the lower portion of High Street in which then the player would then proceed to take an elevator up. This lower portion can be seen in the retail version of High Street in Burial at Sea - Episode 1.[9][33]

The Little Wonders Educational Facility plaza originally had clouds painted on the walls. The advertisement outside the facility originally reed "Center" instead of "Facility".

Seahorse Station[]


Renamed Pavilion Station in the final game, the Seahorse Station would have been a separate building all on its own, with a tram schedule board. Concept art shows two designs, one pristine and one destroyed.


Housewares Tram Station[]

BaS Vent Models Lost With All Hands

The unused writing and corpse.

There was originally writing in red reading "Lost With All Hands" on the wall next to the Tram Station Little Sister Vent. Under the writing was a male corpse at the same location where Elizabeth would find the vent schematics for the department in the final version of the game.

Silver Fin Restaurant[]

BaSE2 Silver Fin Restaurant Unused Furniture Under Floor

The unused furniture under the floor.

If the player activate the noclip mode using Console Commands and go underneath the conductor by the window on the first floor of the dining room, the player would find a set of tables and chairs stacked upon each other, representing the dining sets which were used during the restaurant's operation. They are never seen during normal playthrough.

The photographs of Booker DeWitt and Elizabeth seen in the restaurant's reception area were originally different, which can be seen in one of the loading screens that appear if Elizabeth dies during the episode.


Note: For location-specific objects, see the "Locations" section.

Audio Diaries[]

Burial at Sea - Episode 1[]

Burial at Sea - Episode 2[]

Air Grabber[]

Concept art and audio files reveal that there was to be a scavenger hunt for parts to create the Air Grabber, which would have been created using makeshift items found around Rapture, including the Pneumo Bots.

Burial at Sea - Episode 2 Loading Screen[]

Burial at Sea - Episode 2 Loading Screen Pre-Launch Burial at Sea - Episode 2 Loading Screen

The loading screen as seen in-game (top) and the original loading screen (bottom).

The drawing of Elizabeth seen on the loading screen for Burial at Sea - Episode 2 had a different design than what is seen in the final game. Elizabeth seemingly had a different hairstyle. The original drawing was most likely used in the Paris sequence as well.

Imprinting Studies[]

Concept art shows a third imprinting study involving a mannequin with a resemblance to Elizabeth, two pigs with removable metal helmets with color that appears similar to the Big Daddies.[34]

Posters & Signs[]

A few posters and signs were made for Burial at Sea - Episode 2, which did not make it into the final version of the game, including:

Pneumo News Network[]

Partially unused texture files indicate the "Pneumo Bots" moving along the Pneumo Lines were to broadcast news, advertisements and possibly other content. The channel was named the Pneumo News Network. Early in development pneumo lines could be found Market Street and the Pneumo Bots would broadcast news as they moved along them.[35][36] In the final version of Burial at Sea - Episode 1, these Pneumo Bots can only be seen at Jet Postal stations and the screens only display static.[37]

Pneumo Turrets[]

According to alpha footage, concept art, cut dialogue, and objective lines, Pneumo Turrets running along the Pneumo Lines would have been present in Burial at Sea - Episode 1. They featured mounted guns connected to a camera that ran freely along the Pneumo Lines. The player had to knock off and scavenge one for its hook in order to build an Air Grabber and progress through the department store. For that, the store's security had to be activated to deploy the turrets.[9]


An untextured model for a Crossbow with a loaded bolt can be found in the Burial at Sea's game files. This Crossbow is very similar to the one used by Jack in BioShock. This Crossbow used a new type of ammunition called an "Explosive Bolt." The Explosive Bolt was possibly intended as a predecessor to the Incendiary Bolts in the first game.

Noisemaker Bolt Ammo Box[]

Noisemaker Bolt Ammo render

The unused ammo box.

Much like the Tranquilizer and Gas Bolt, the Noisemaker Bolt was also given its own ammo box. But since the Bolts are only acquired by hitting a blue pin while Lockpicking, the ammo box was left unused.


Burial at Sea book stack 1

The books with text.

A stack of books exists in the game files that were left unused. Two of the books are named while the two others have no writing on them. One book is named Agony & Truth without an author and the other is named ¨Collected Papers¨ by Dr. Brigid Tenebaum. Tenenbaum's name is misspelled as "Tenebaum", which could be why the book was not used.


The game files feature three unused Splicer graffiti, intended for Fontaine's Department Store/Housewares levels in Episode 1. The graffiti include:

  • Writing reading "Chemical Castration".
  • A checklist (containing several spelling mistakes due to the Splicer's loss of sanity), the list includes: Alkaline Bath; Rigorous Scrubbing; Disinfectant Gel (liberal coating); Body Stocking (full); White Sheets
  • A drawing of bubbles.[38]

Shirley Womack's Graffiti[]

Graffiti made by the Splicer persona based on Shirley Womack can be found in a changing room in the Menswear department of Fontaine's during Episode 1 and two additional were made but not used. The graffiti would have further showcased Shirley's obsession with a man named Ford Dundee and clarified that it was her who made the graffiti, with text reading "Marry Me Ford" and a heart and arrow with the letters "FD x SW".

Titan Atlas Thumb Statue[]

The two statues of the Titan Atlas holding a hand with a down pointing thumb and the symbols of religion and Communism outside the elevator on Market Street in Burial at Sea - Episode 1, appears to have been intended to be a single centerpiece-like statue. The texture files for the statue shows, that including to the symbols of Communism and religion, a flag symbol representing government was also made. The statue actually feature all three symbols: the statues are simply flipped to showcase Communism and religion. The government symbol is also included, but facing the wall, making it impossible to see. The in-game files also feature a separate base for the statue, which was not seen in-game. The base reads "Under the Thumb of No God. No Country. No Man. No Parasite."

Item Icons[]

The game files feature some unused icons for items, some of which were cut, including two separate gold bar icons, a cigar icon and a single cigarette icon. Like all blue icons, the cigar and cigarette would have restored some of the player's EVE. Gold bars exist in Episode 1, but they are not lootable, thus the icons were not needed.


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