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Camille Dumas is a French six year-old[1] Little Sister. Camille was the fifth girl to be kidnapped by a Big Sister and taken to Rapture in 1967. Her parents reported her missing on April 11. A reward of 40,000 Fr was offered for her return.



La ROCHELLE - La Journée reports that a respected local
couple's anniversary turned nightmarish when their young
daughter went missing — and an untested au pair may be to
Claude and Marie Dumas had gone out for dinner, leaving their
daughter Camille, age 6, in the care of Lisette Dubois, a newly
hired au pair. Dubois claims that when she stepped outside to
have cigarette, the girl simply disappeared form the bed she had
been sleeping in peacefully only moments before.
Dubois suggests that the girl was pretending to sleep and took the
the opportunity to run away. Police have not ruled out the theory and
are currently holding Dubois for further questioning.


Behind the ScenesEdit

  • Camille Dumas is not known to have any relation with Chantal Dumas, another young girl who was kidnapped to Rapture during There's Something in the Sea, even though they share the same surname.


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