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It ain't exactly today's fashion, but I'm a girl who can tell good craftsmanship when she sees it.
― Carol Lynn[src]

Carol Lynn is a citizen of Rapture who worked in the peep show at Cupid's Arrow.



Lady Comstock's dress placed on a mannequin by Carol.

When Elizabeth first arrived in Rapture, she took Carol's new outfit from her locker to help blend in,[1] but left her old dress as a replacement. At first, Carol was furious that her outfit had been taken, mainly at her boss Antonio Rodriguez for not providing lockers with locks for the employees, but she soon fell in love with the dress Elizabeth had left.[2] In Burial at Sea - Episode 2, her audio diary can be found in the dressing room on a table next to the dress.

Audio DiaryEdit

Burial at Sea - Episode 2Edit


  1. Based on the following statement in Housewares:
    Elizabeth: "I was here as well… Right after I came through, I needed -- I needed something to wear that was a little more Rapture appropriate."
  2. Carol Lynn's Audio Diary: The Blue Dress