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Cigar Shop sign horizontal
Cigar Shop sign vertical
Finest Quality Tobacco
― Sign[src]

The Cigar Shop is a business in Columbia which sells tobacco products, notably cigars. The company operates from stores and kiosks.

BioShock Infinite[]

Main article: BioShock Infinite

Booker DeWitt will come across several Cigar Shops during the events of BioShock Infinite, all of which are closed.

Town Center[]

BioI Town Center Shady Lane Cigar Shop

The Shady Lane Cigar Shop.

The first Cigar Shop DeWitt encounters is at Shady Lane, the store is closed due to the 1912 Columbia Raffle and Fair. The store is located next to an unnamed grocery and opposite to Patriot's Pride.

Comstock Center Rooftops[]

BioI Monument Island Gateway Abandoned Island Cigar Shop

The Cigar Shop on the abandoned island.

This branch of the business is seen on an abandoned island in the Monument Island Gateway. After the closure of Monument Tower to the public, this island was evacuated and quarantined by the Columbia Police Authority, due to its proximity to the island. The shop is set in between the abandoned hotel and the Harper's Family Drugstore, inaccessible with two barrels in front of it.

Soldier's Field[]

BioI Soldier's Field Patriot's Pavilion Cigar Shop Kiosk

The Cigar Shop kiosk.

The third Cigar Shop seen is in the form of a kiosk. The kiosk is set in the ticket shop in Patriot's Pavilion, to the right of the main entrance and next to the Duke's Choice Concessions booth, both are closed.

Downtown Emporia[]

BioI Downtown Emporia Cigar Shop

The Down Town Emporia branch.

The final time the player is present near a closed Cigar Shop is at Downtown Emporia. The shop is set in the downtown area of the district in a red building, opposite to Cunningham Studios. A map of Emporia is set on the wall and smoke comes from one of the residential apartments on the top floor above the business.

Behind the Scenes[]


The Cigar Shop sign, seen behind Herr Schmidt.