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I'm a Nico-Time man, always will be. Why? They smoke good and don't cost half a damn.
― Albert Milonakis[src]

Cigarettes are the most common recreational drug item in Rapture, after alcohol. Whenever used, the player loses a bit of Health, yet gains a bit of EVE.

Oxford Club cigarettes are implied to be of higher quality than the Nico-Time brand, which are sarcastically described as being made from "sea shells and fish eggs." The tobacco used in Rapture's cigarettes are likely grown in forested areas like Arcadia or smuggled in by Frank Fontaine. Retailers that sold tobacco products include: Le Marquis D'Epoque, New Worlde Smoker and Robertson's Tobaccoria.

Brands of Cigarettes[]

  • Anchor (semi-canon)
  • Nico-Time
  • Oxford Club
  • Pipe Weather
  • Three Stars

Brands of Cigars[]

Help Caption[]

A pack of cigarettes will give you a very small boost of EVE. WARNING: May cause health complications.
They are consumed immediately when picked up.


Behind the Scenes[]

Glamour Girl California Vegetables Fruit Crate Label - Oxford Club.jpg
  • Oxford Club Cigarettes, despite the term used in both gameplay and advertising around Rapture, uses a model that seems to suggest that they are in fact cigarillos or fine cigars. If one looks closely at the game world model in Arcadia, one can clearly see the rich brown color of the product.
    • The advertisement is based off of a fruit crate label for Glamour Girl California Vegetables.
  • Pipe Weather brand appears on lit cigarettes. They are smoked by Jack on his airplane flight and by Brigid Tenenbaum while she is in her safehouse.
  • Nico-Time is a reference to nicotine, the main active component in tobacco. It is also a play on the phrase, "in the nick of time."
  • The Blasich brand cigar ad is very similar for Good News Brand pears.
Cigarettes Rapture DIFF.png
  • Booker's desk notably has a box of "Three Stars" brand cigarettes in his DeWitt Investigations office in Rapture.
  • Cigarettes marked with a golden dollar symbol ($) serve as an allegory for capitalism and opportunity in Atlas Shrugged.
  • A semi-canon brand of cigarettes that existed in Rapture was Anchor Cigarettes. These aren't seen anywhere in game but can be seen on the back of the PS3 version of BioShock's instruction manual.