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"The slugs alone could not provide enough ADAM for serious work. But combined with the host...
now we have something."
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Join forces and take on the Enemy group in this Team-Based mode
― BioShock 2: Strategy Guide

Civil War is the team deathmatch game mode of BioShock 2 Multiplayer. In this mode, players are split into two teams, Team Atlas and Team Ryan, and each team works together to try and score the most points. The first team to reach 500 points (50 kills), or with the most points when the timer runs out, wins.

The members of the team that came in first place each receive a bonus 200 ADAM reward. The losing team receives 150 ADAM each.


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"Join a band of like-minded citizens and fight as a team!"

  • Players have the freedom to work in small groups or simply roam around killing as many enemy Splicers as possible.
    • Stay close to your teammates. It is easier to take down enemies if you work as a group.
  • Use Winter Blast to put out fires on teammates who have been hit with Incinerate.
    • Winter Blast can also be used to freeze teammates' corpses to make them shatter, this will prevent research by an enemy Splicer.
    • Freezing an enemy corpse can save a teammate's life if the enemy uses the Death Trap Gene Tonic. The ice will cause the corpse to shatter, leaving the Tonic with no effect.
  • The Big Daddy Suit will spawn in one of three places on every map and will spawn around the same time. A smart player will remember the locations and times in order to find the suit. NOTE: if a suit is already in use, the user must be killed for another to spawn and the time at which it spawns may change.
  • If a player is low on health and in the middle of an inescapable battle, the player may take its own life, this will count as a death but will not give the other team/person a point. The easiest way to do so is to use the Grenade Launcher and point at the floor.
  • The player can spot where the combat/enemies are when a player of the same team dies, a skull sign will be visible on the screen.
  • While continuously carrying an item with Telekinesis, other more powerful objects will replace the thing the player is carrying at the time such as incoming GrenadesBoltsProximity Mines, or even objects thrown by other Telekinesis Splicers. This strategy lets the player protect the team if attacking in groups.
  • If the player has a hunch that the opposite team might have a Telekinesis welding Splicer, one can shoot at red oil barrels to prevent the other team from getting easy kills by throwing the barrels at teammates. This is extremely useful in maps like HephaestusMercury Suites and Smuggler's Hideout.
    • If you/a teammate uses Telekinesis, its recommended to not shoot the barrels, since they might come in handy.
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