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The Clock Shop is a small business located within the Plaza of Zeal of Finkton Proper. It specializes in making and fixing many sorts of clocks and other items with complex clockwork mechanisms.

BioShock Infinite[]

The Vox Cipher on the wall.

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The Clock Shop is located to the far left of the entrance, tucked away, and upon entering the Plaza of Zeal, Booker DeWitt and Elizabeth will find it closed down, much like the other shops in the district. However, with the use of three Lockpicks, Elizabeth can gain access to the place. Inside is a Lockpick and one of the messages written in the Vox Cipher.

Elizabeth suggests searching the impound beneath the Good Time Club for the needed Code Book. Once it's found, the big clock on the wall must be set to 12:00. The hidden cache contains an Infusion, a Locksmith Bag, a Voxophone, a Volley Gun and a copy of The Word of the Prophet.

New Discoveries[]


  1. Vivian Monroe - A Truer Allegiance - Inside the hidden cache behind the broken clock (Code Book required).