At several points in Burial at Sea - Episode 2, Elizabeth will come across Coded Messages on clipboards. The four messages found in Fontaine's are from Atlas' followers back up in the city, and Suchong's coded notes can be found hidden in his secret lab.

Morse Code Messages[edit | edit source]

One of the four wireless telegraph devices.

The messages can be found next to wireless telegraph devices throughout the Bathyspheres DeLuxe showcase. These can be found in the Information kiosk labeled "Food", the Bathysphere Sales office labeled "Medicine", Test-Drive, and the Service Bay. It doesn't matter in what order the clipboards are collected, as the messages are always read chronologically.

  1. We've confirmed completion of the "Ace in the Hole". Suchong has it, but unlikely to give it up easily. Will update when we know more.
  2. Attempt to recover Ace in the Hole from Suchong unsuccessful. Ryan Private Security killed three of our men in the bargain. Will need to explore alternate means of obtaining Ace.
  3. Whereabouts of the foreign bitch scientist unknown. Ryan presumes she's dead, but our guess is, she's gone underground with the Little Sisters. Options on obtaining the Ace are dwindling.
  4. Atlas, the heat is on. Ryan knows something's up and is sending men to investigate the department store. Suggest you lay in supplies at the Manta Ray Lounge and prepare for a siege.

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Suchong's Notes[edit | edit source]

One of the two Suchong's encoded messages.

If stupid beasts had half brain, they would realize they need Little Sister to live. Sister secrete only kind of ADAM that is genetic match for them. No Little Sister, no Big Daddy.
Big Daddy will not imprint. If not imprint, what good is he to Little Sister? She no like him. He no like her. Situation is impasse. Unacceptable.

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