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Cohen's Quadtych

Cohen's Quadtych, almost complete.

Do you see it? When I am dust, this is what they'll point to! My Quadtych! My masterpiece.
― Sander Cohen[src]

Cohen's Quadtych is a mixed-media work of art completed by the eccentric artist Sander Cohen. It consists of seven male figures arranged in different, acrobatic poses while displaying four framed photographs. It is located on the exhibition stage at the center of the atrium in Fort Frolic.  


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After the player completes the Quadtych, Cohen finally reveals himself in typical, over-the-top fashion: after a brief drum-roll, he appears in a burst of confetti and fireworks. Spotlights and disembodied applause follow him as he descends the staircase in the atrium to take in the completed work. Cohen then rewards Jack by opening one of the glass cases near the stage that contains Medical Expert 2.

If the player ruins the Quadtych or hits it with a weapon, even by accident, Cohen will gesticulate violently, before attacking.


Cohen sends Jack to photograph the corpses of his four former disciples that are needed to finish the project. The four disciples needed to be photographed are:



  •  Icon mac Icon pc Icon xbox Icon ps3 If the player uses Telekinesis to take Cohen's mask off while he is walking down the stairs, he will take another one off when he reaches the second set of steps.
  •  Icon mac Icon pc Icon xbox Icon ps3 If one chooses to wait to kill Sander Cohen in Olympus Heights, the player may return to Fort Frolic after killing him. Attacking the Quadtych will cause him to reappear in a rage.
  •  Icon mac Icon pc Photos placed into the Quadtych can become glitched and distorted.

Behind the Scenes[]

  • The music playing as Cohen descends the staircase is the second movement of Cliff Eidelman's "Ballroom Waltz" from the 1997 film The Beautician and the Beast.
  • "Ballroom Waltz" seems to have replaced another song called "Academy Award".
    • The audio file for "Ballroom Waltz" is music_licence_academyaward.wav. Major Nelson's BioShock Music List documents "Academy Award" as performed by Stanley Black [1] which can be heard on the De Wolfe Music website.[2]
      The replacement seems to have occurred very late in BioShock's development judging by the shipped filename and the listing of De Wolfe Music in the end credits.


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