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Columbia Creamery Sign

The Columbia Creamery is a chain of ice cream shops in Columbia. Stores can be found in the New Eden Square of the Town Center and the Grand Central Depot of Emporia.

BioShock Infinite[]

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Town Center[]

BI Columbia Creamery Town Center

Closed for the festivities.

The store happens to be closed at the time Booker DeWitt walks by the parlor after arriving to the city, likely due to the 1912 Columbia Raffle and Fair taking place at the time. The three story red bricked building is located opposite to Curt's Groceries & Meats. Just like its neighbor, the establishment welcomed new pilgrims with a sign in the window. A large billboard of Monument Tower is set on the buildings wall and flower bushes are planted by the doors.


BI Columbia Creamery Emporia Grand Central Depot

A gunned down woman right outside the shop.

Just like the one set in the Town Center, the shop operating from Grand Central Depot's is also gated shut, due to the recent Vox Populi uprising. The shop is built into the Main Concourse's east portion, with ice cream sculptures next to the marque and a small ticket booth in front of the entrance. Some Vox Populi or a desperate civilian has tried to break in through the gates but failed, leaving the gate partly broken.

Behind the Scenes[]

Lait pur de la Vingeanne Sterilise Advertisement
  • Columbia Creamery shares the same background, as well as the 'Ice Cream Shoppe' text, for its marquee with Dimwit & Duke Ice Cream Shoppe.
  • The sign uses a slightly modified and cropped version of a 1897 French advertisement for pasteurized milk by Theophile-Alexandre Steinlen, "Lait pur, Stérilisé de la Vingeanne".