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The Columbia Authority sign seen behind a Motorized Patriot.

Protecting our race
― Columbia Police Authority slogan

The Columbia Police Authority, or the Columbia Police Department,[1] is the armed branch of the Founders. It serves as a patrol force for monitoring Columbia, a police force for defense, a private security force for the city's elite, and an army for invasions of land-based locations. They are seen in every district of Columbia, not just to patrol and break up small "disagreements," but also to intimidate the city's population. They usually demand new recruits whom are at a young age, doing so by using Columbia's elaborate propaganda pieces in Soldier's Field and the Hall of Heroes. Aside from regular infantry, they also have many other specialized combat units, including Firemen, Beasts, various Security Automatons, Zealots of the Lady (also known as Crows), Handymen, and Motorized Patriots.

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