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Kinetoscope Crime Comes to Shanty-Town

"Crime Comes to 'Shanty-Town'..."
Level: Finkton Proper

Fink Worker Housing has been plagued by pan-handling!
[shots of a man lying face-down on a bench with arm outstretched, a boy begs for food, a man sits dejected on the sidewalk, a man begs from a worn mattress]
Destruction of Fink MFG property!
[people attack a fallen Dollar Bill machine]
And worse!
[several cuts of a man reloading and firing a pistol]
Fink blames his Head of Security!
The Boss has no patience for failure!

Location: Inside the lobby of the Good Time Club at the top of the stairs.

Crime Comes to 'Shanty-Town'... Crime Comes to 'Shanty-Town'...



BioShock Infinite Crimes comes to Shanty-Town

Behind the Scenes[]

  • When first entering the lobby of Good Time Club, this Kinetoscope will be on the upper floor landing on the left, facing the stairs. The body of Scofield Sansmark, the Head of Security mentioned in the film, is impaled on the clock.
    • After entering the Tear, this Kinetoscope will disappear and "Gun-Smith Set Free!" will appear on the right. Sansmark's body will have vanished as well.