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The Cult of Rapture (abbreviated CoR) was the official site set up for the BioShock series.


The Cult of Rapture was established in early 2007 and served as a hub of information for the BioShock fan community. Acting as a sort of mouth piece for the developers at 2K Games, the Cult of Rapture delivers game news and information directly to fans in numerous articles and podcasts. The Cult of Rapture also includes a link to the 2K forums where the community can meet and discuss the game. Over time the forum grew from three standard boards (Off Topic, General Game Discussion, and Questions for the Team) to include two more (In-Game and Technical Issues). The Cult of Rapture website is maintained by Elizabeth Tobey, the Community Manager for 2K Games.

After the launch of BioShock, and the lack of new information on the next game that could come out, the Cult of Rapture site experienced a decrease in activity for a while. However, with the approach of BioShock 2's release date, the Cult once again became active. In early December the site changed locations and experienced a large creative overhaul, changing the main logo and increasing the amount of content available to visitors.

The Cult of Rapture published frequent updates with new information on the upcoming BioShock games. These updates often take the form of brief articles written by Elizabeth Tobey or podcast interviews with members of the development team for the BioShock games. The Cult also hosts numerous downloads for BioShock and BioShock 2, including screenshots, wallpapers, videos, and icons.

The Cult of Rapture has not had any activity since 2011, as BioShock and BioShock 2 came to an end, and BioShock Infinite was on its way. The Cult Of Rapture's last update was on the 17th May 2011, about Minerva's Den being released to PC.[1] As of 2019, the URL for the Cult of Rapture website redirects to 2K Games' official website.

Cult Member Perks[]

  • In July 2007, with the release of BioShock, the Cult of Rapture mailed out perks to its members, including BioShock syringe pens, "Welcome to Rapture" posters, and T-shirts. Additionally, a gamerpic pack and themes for the Xbox 360 were given out "only to the most devoted Rapturians".
  • In 2008, more perks became available after the release of BioShock for the PS3. An exclusive PS3 theme and fankit could be downloaded directly from the Cult of Rapture site by any visitor, several lithographs and posters were created, and T-shirts were printed with the winning design of the Cult of Rapture tee shirt contest, celebrating the release of BioShock on the PS3.
  • In 2009, as the release date of BioShock 2 approached, a BioShock 2 Multiplayer theme for the PS3 was released for download from the Cult of Rapture site.

Audio Diaries[]

The stories of Rapture's citizens breathe life into the city even if the people who tell the tales are long gone. This Cult of Rapture exclusive brings you voices from BioShock 2 and gives you a taste of what is to come on February 9th. They introduce you to characters and locations that will soon become as familiar to you as the room you are now sitting in.

Spoiler Notice! While none of these clips will spoil the game for you (these diaries are strictly bonus cult-exclusive content and do not appear in the final game), they do include real story info. If you want to go into the game with a completely blank slate, please note that these may not be for your ears quite yet.
― Elizabeth Tobey, 2K GamesStarting January 14, 2010, the Cult of Rapture published a series of articles titled "Voices from BioShock 2." These articles contained numerous Audio Diaries that were recorded for BioShock 2 but never used in-game. They are however tied to the release version of the game and contain "real story info".[2]

Atlantic Express[]

  1. Andrew Ryan - Sinclair Solutions
  2. Brigid Tenenbaum - Survivors
  3. Augustus Sinclair - Private Interests
  4. Julianne Corona - Too Dumb to Die
  5. Mark Meltzer - The Ends of the Earth

Ryan Amusement[]

  1. Carlson Fiddle - Journey to the Surface
  2. Sofia Lamb - Ryan Amusements
  3. Davis Pittman - Welcome to the Funhouse
  4. Jean-Paul Beauregard - Breaking My Silence

Pauper's Drop[]

  1. James Hollcroft - Gene Gin Jingle
  2. James Hollcroft - A Capitalist’s Best Friend
  3. Augustus Sinclair - Rise of the Underdog
  4. Augustus Sinclair - Sinclair Deluxe & Sinclair Spirits
  5. Gilbert Alexander - Not Nigh Enough

Siren Alley[]

  1. Simon Wales - Before the Lamb I
  2. Simon Wales - Before the Lamb II
  3. Simon Wales - Before the Lamb III
  4. Simon Wales - Before the Lamb IV
  5. Simon Wales - Before the Lamb V
  6. Simon Wales - Path of the Lamb

Dionysus Park[]

  1. Earl Manley - Changes
  2. Tommy Hanrahan - Scout Plasmid
  3. Gloria Parson - Not Your Daddy
  4. Gilbert Alexander - Alpha Series
  5. Stanley Poole - House of Cards

The previous Cult of Rapture banner.

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