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The store as seen in New Eden Square.

Comstock Approved
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Curt's Groceries & Meats is a grocery store and delicatessen found in Columbia.

BioShock Infinite[]

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Town Center[]

Pork diagram sign

Curt's Groceries & Meats is one of the first businesses Booker DeWitt encounters after after arriving to the floating city. The store is located in New Eden Square, near the Zachary Hale Comstock statue and opposite to Columbia Creamery. The entrance is gated shut, making the business inaccessible at the time. A sign in the window encourages citizen to ask about Curt's Founder's Special and a sandwich board advertisement for the Lewis Brothers' Fireworks can be found right by the main door. In Curt's fenced outdoor seating area, two citizen can be found eating at the parasol shaded patio furniture and discussing the Vox Populi, as well as the origin of the group's name. Bread and Cheese can be found on another table.

Downtown Emporia[]

BI Curt's Groceries & Meats DowntownEmporia MarketDistrict

The store as seen in Market District.

Another branch of the store can be found in the Market District of Downtown Emporia. The business is located near Patriot's Pride and is once again gated and closed, due to the Vox Populi uprising. Part of the business' exterior is on fire, with a table, closed sign and Apple barrel set in the blaze. Sacks containing fruit and meat has has been left outside the entrance of the part not yet on fire. There are three barrels containing provinces set by the wall and across the business is a bench where someone has left their Purse.

A sign advertising the store can also be seen in the downtown area, next to a Duke and Dimwit Stage Revue! sign.


Behind the Scenes[]


The Curt's Groceries & Meats sign as the difficulty level menu.

  • While starting a new game in the main menu of BioShock Infinite, The Curt's Groceries & Meats sign will change via a Tear and serve as the difficulty level menu.