Silas Bantam Title Cutting Corners
Speaker Silas Bantam
Level Ryan Amusements
Cutting Corners
AD gNr019-lNr04 Silas Bantam - Cutting Corners f0041
Transcript: Used to be there was no margin in runnin' the gift shop -- I couldn't hardly sell off this tourist crap for a penny more'n it cost to manufacture! Then I met this straight-shooter name'a Sinclair, and he laid a sweet deal on me. Said he's got some hard-luck folks down in Pauper's Drop can whip up this junk at half the cost I useta pay. Yeah, I've had to pick a needle or two out of the shipments, but all in all, nobody's the wiser... an' I'm all the richer.

Location: In a crate next to a safe in the Gift Shop.

AD gNr019-lNr04 Silas Bantam - Cutting Corners f0042

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