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Dandy Dental
Dandy Dental Reception Desk

The doctor will see you now.

For a limited time get a free Plasmid by Ryan Industries at Dandy Dental with any root canal. Choose from Slimdown and Telekinesis. Offer good while supplies last.
― Dandy Dental Advertisement[src]

Dandy Dental is one of three dental facilities located in the Dental Services Area on the bottom floor of the Medical Pavilion in Rapture.


Dandy Dental Entrance

Dandy Dental, 1960.

The small facility contains a reception area, an operating room, and a special room set aside for Rapture Open's "Score An Ace For Dental Hygiene!" event. It's door frame is adorned with Dandy Dental's logo, a toothy smile. At the reception desk, The Ink Spots' "The Best Things in Life" can be heard playing from the adjacent room. The operating room is a constant reminder of Rapture's steady decay. Water pouring from the ceiling has begun to flood the room. Plasmids surely made dental procedures faster than usual, as evidenced by the small number of dental chairs.

Built by Frank Fontaine in the early years of Rapture, Dandy Dental stands out from its rivals, Painless Dental and Chomper's Dental, by giving away a free Plasmid with any root canal. This marketing technique is evident on a number of posters found in the Medical Pavilion. The Plasmids available at the time were Slim-Down and Telekinesis. By the time Jack arrives, only one free Telekinesis remains. Dandy Dental appears to have partnered with Rapture Open for marketing purposes.

New DiscoveriesEdit

Plasmids and Tonics (Found)Edit

Audio DiariesEdit

  1. Dr. Suchong - Testing Telekinesis - Leaning on the control panel, near the Gatherer's Garden.


Behind the ScenesEdit

Dandy Dental Signage Model & Concept Zimmermann

Concept art and model, by Laura Zimmermann.

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