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Daniel Wales' room nameplate.

But I was the black ol' sheep back there, never believin' a word o'the Jesus bollocks meself. Then Andrew Ryan says he wants Wales an' Wales for Rapture — a Cathedral with no God, befittin' the ascent o'man. Now I'm runnin' girls… and Simon thinks he's saving souls.
― Daniel Wales[src]

Daniel Wales is the brother of Simon Wales, and one of the primary architects of Rapture.


In their homeland of Ireland, Daniel and his brother Simon were architects, and their firm, Wales & Wales Architects, designed many prominent cathedrals. However, Daniel was always somewhat of a "black-sheep" because he never believed in any of the "Jesus bollocks" that the cathedrals represented. When Andrew Ryan commissioned Wales & Wales to design Rapture Daniel welcomed the opportunity to build "a cathedral with no God, befittin' the ascent o'man."[2]

After Rapture was completed, Daniel Wales took up residence in the area of Rapture that would later be called "Siren Alley." Unfortunately, his architecture firm soon fell on hard times when Rapture began to leak and he and his brother could no longer get any contracts. Soon after, he became estranged from his brother when Simon adopted the philosophies of Sofia Lamb and took on the title "Father Wales." Daniel held a deep grudge against Lamb as a result of this[3] and refused to speak to his brother again, despite Simon's attempts to convert him to the Rapture Family.

After Wales & Wales went out of business, Daniel resorted to running the Pink Pearl brothel. He began to drink heavily[4] and even indulged in splicing, although he forbade such behavior among the prostitutes.[1]


BioShock 2[]

The pimp.

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Daniel Wales is encountered by Subject Delta in the Pink Pearl during his journey through Siren Alley. Delta is required to obtain the code to Pumping Station #5 from him in order to progress in the level, thus making Daniel the first boss to be confronted by the player. When Subject Delta approaches him Daniel immediately assumes he intends to kill him and sets traps for him in his office before attacking.

Daniel Wales is equipped with a shotgun and Molotov cocktails, moves incredibly fast, and controls a hacked Security Bot. He has a very high amount of health, having about twice as much health as a Brute Splicer. Additionally, he is accompanied by a handful of Spider Splicers and Leadhead Splicers.


If the player can manage to hack the two stationary Turrets in the dark room below Daniel's office in the Pink Pearl, one can retreat to this room just before directly confronting Daniel Wales. This way the player can save a lot of supplies, and avoid the hostile Splicers out in the main area by letting the Turret guns do most of the work. The Hypnotize Plasmid is also effective in this fight because it can be used on the attacking Spider Splicers to turn them against Daniel, and you can actually hypnotize him as well.


The following are phrases that Daniel Wales says in BioShock 2. The name of the source audio file is listed when known.

Scripted Dialogue[]

  • "Are you Simon's boy, then? Well, here's me peace offerin'!"
  • "Welcome to the Pink fecking Pearl, sweetheart!"
  • "My brother sends you now? A metal fecking handyman?"
  • "And here's a dozen feckin' doves for ya!"

Combat Dialogue[]

Attacking the Player[]

  • "Feck Simon, feck Lamb, and feck God!"
  • "Oh, it's Father Simon Wales now! Bollocks!"
  • "Lamb's got your arse over her tit."
  • "At least Ryan never played the feckin' saint!"
  • "Pucker up, ya daft bastard!"
  • "Christ! They'll let anyone in that fucking church!"
  • "Make ya a present for the girls."


  • "I'm gonna butcher ya!"
  • "Ah! You little fecker!"

Exiting Combat[]

  • "Oh! We were just getting acquainted."
  • "Oh, there's me headache again."

Sees the Player Fleeing[]

  • "Ahh, what's the matter, Molly?"
  • "Get back here, you great yellow shark!"
  • "I'll bugger ya blind!"

Upon Killing the Player[]

  • "I hope the rats chew off your plumbs, boyo."
  • "What do you know? Me headache's abated."
  • "Get blood off, boy."


  • ”I hope the rats chew on the plums, boyo.”


  • "Feck…"

Audio Diaries[]

BioShock 2[]


  • A glitch may occur if Hypnotize is used on Daniel himself: not only will he attack other Splicers per its effects, but once they have been defeated, he may simply freeze in place, becoming an easy target.


Quotes from Daniel Wales.
Wales theme, "The Pimp," from the "Sounds from the Lighthouse" CD.


Behind the Scenes[]

The mugshot of Guy Charles Bailey.

Alternative portrait.

  • Daniel Wales uses a retextured Breadwinner Splicer model.
  • Daniel Wales has an alternative Audio Diary portrait found in the game files.
  • Daniel Wales's Audio Diary portrait was inspired by the mugshot of Guy Charles Bailey, who was convicted for driving while intoxicated in 1948.[5]
  • It is not required to kill Daniel Wales to advance in the game if the player knows the code from prior experience.
    • Even if the player chooses not to kill Daniel he will still be killed by Lamb when she floods the Alley, and ultimately, the Pink Pearl.


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