Death Trap is a Gene Tonic in BioShock 2 Multiplayer unlocked at Rank 38. It causes the player's body to explode shortly after being killed. Other players will be alerted to the imminent explosion by a loud beeping noise, and smoke from the corpse. Although the remaining body will be charred, it may still be researched.

Icon deathtrap

Notes Edit

  • This Tonic will not trigger if the player has been shattered while under the effects of Winter Blast.
  • A "moving corpse" (for example a body sliding down stairs) will not explode until it stops moving.
  • If a player is killed with Electro Bolt, Insect Swarm or Incinerate!, the body will detonate much sooner than if killed by something else, as the countdown is in effect while the player is performing their death animation while still standing up.

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