Demeter's Banquet Hall Sign
Demeter's Banquet Hall

Demeter's large dining area.

Demeter's Banquet Hall was once a lavish two-story dining area in Adonis Luxury Resort with a view of the ocean through a large glass window. Named after the Greek goddess of agriculture, it is one of the largest banquet halls seen in Rapture.


The banquet hall once catered to the upper class citizens who were visiting the Adonis. It was beautifully decorated with large statues and had a spacious setting for its customers to enjoy their meal and the magnificent view offered. A stage in front of the restaurant's window allowed musical acts to perform. Apart from the resort guests, citizens or businesses would have been able to rent out the hall to host parties, banquets, receptions, or other social events.

BioShock 2Edit

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Subject Delta must travel through this area in order to follow the Big Sister that attacked him. The entrance to the Banquet Hall is boarded up but the Big Sister smashes through the barricade with ease. After ten years of neglect, the restaurant now lies in an extreme state of decay with partial flooding and a collapsed ceiling.

Reception AreaEdit

A fire has broken out in the reception area and Rapture Family propaganda has been painted onto the walls. Most of the floor boards have been ripped up from the ground and wires are exposed from the walls and ceiling. As Delta draws nearer the Big Sister runs past from a hole in the wall.

Dining HallEdit

Demeter's Banquet Hall just before flooding

The massive window gives way to the strength of the ocean.

Once Delta enters the dining hall, he must leap down to the bottom floor as the balconies and staircases are completely blocked by fallen debris. Upon doing so, the Big Sister will leap across the stage and crack the large glass window with her needle, causing it to weaken and shatter with the ocean's pressure, flooding the entire restaurant. With the window now broken, Delta is now free to travel out of Rapture's structure for the first time.

The Protector TrialsEdit


The re-designed entrance.

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The restaurant, or at least the entrance, can be found in The Adonis Baths map of The Protector Trials. Once the Alpha Series Big Daddy let's his Little Sister gather from a corpse in the pool area, Splicers will come running from the banquet hall.


Concept Art and Promotional ImagesEdit

In-Game ImagesEdit

Behind the ScenesEdit

  • The events of the BioShock 2 Launch Trailer and the BioShock 2 Hunting the Big Sister Demo occurs in another version of Demeter's Banquet Hall.[1][2]
    • The flooding of the hall was only meant for the Hunting the Big Sister Demo, but the whole sequence became too popular and iconic among fans to leave out.[3]
    • Early footage shows that the Dining Hall featured a chandelier at one point.[2]
Alpha Series and his Little Sister

The full cover art for BioShock 2.

  • The cover for BioShock 2, featuring Subject Delta posing with a Little Sister, uses the Demeter's Dining Hall as its background.
  • When the room is flooded, the game will always place you in the same spot underwater regardless of your position in the room prior to it flooding.[citation needed] This is because when the room floods and the screen is obscured momentarily with water, the game actually loads a new map and places you in a predetermined spot inside of it[4] (Discovered by speedrunners whilst analyzing game mechanics to find new speedrun methods).


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