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An urge for tea
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Demitasse is a shop located in Rapture that sells various forms of quality teas. It is located in an unknown part of Rapture.


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The Demitasse sign makes up one of multiple generic signs in one of the skyboxes for the city, so it can be seen in several levels. Actual neon signs for Demitasse appear during Jack's descent into the city via Bathysphere.

Challenge Rooms[]

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An advertisement for Demitasse can be seen during A Shocking Turn of Events. A neon sign advertising the business hangs from a building visible from the first floor of Rapture's Grand Carnival.

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BioShock Infinite[]

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Demitasse makes a brief appearance during the Sea of Doors sequence of BioShock Infinite. After eliminating the Songbird by opening a Tear into Rapture, Booker DeWitt and Elizabeth leaves the city via Bathysphere. While going to the surface, several signs for Demitasse can be distinguished on Rapture's exterior from the Bathysphere window.