Reed Wahl raw picture Title Detonating the Tunnel
Speaker Reed Wahl
Level Operations
Detonating the Tunnel
AD gNr162-lNr13 Reed Wahl - Detonating the Tunnel f0341
Transcript: The irony of my predictive equation... is that it sometimes requires blind faith. I see the individual elements crashing against each other and the urgency of what I must do to maintain my part in the plan is clear... but I cannot always see just WHY. An Alpha Series has headed to Minerva's Den, Subject Sigma, and the equation states that if he reaches the Computer Core, catastrophe! I do not know why... yet, but I know what must be done. Subject Sigma is approaching Minerva's Den. He must not reach The Thinker. Detonate the tunnel!

Location: In left chamber prior to entering the Climate Control area. It's across from a vent.

AD gNr162-lNr13 Reed Wahl - Detonating the Tunnel f0342 AD gNr162-lNr13 Reed Wahl - Detonating the Tunnel f0343

Behind the Scenes Edit

  • The final phrase of this diary (starting from "Subject Sigma is approaching Minerva's Den") can be heard in the beginning of the DLC.
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