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What could people have done to deserve to be locked up in a place like this?"
"Fink don't need much of a reason."
"No. No, he doesn't.
― Elizabeth and Booker DeWitt[src]

Diego Molano[2] was a citizen of Columbia deemed as a criminal by the Founders.


Diego Molano was part of Columbia's lower-class and was thus likely a blue-collar worker, until he did something the Founders Party or Jeremiah Fink was not fond of. Whether it was a valid reason for imprisonment is unknown, but nonetheless, Molano was jailed in cell #8 in the Good Time Club's basement prison. The dates of when and for how long Molano was set in the cell is not given but he was dead by July of 1912. He was seemingly beaten to death, either in his cell or during interrogation.

Infinite Spoilers

BioShock Infinite[]

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Finding gunsmith Chen Lin is the only option for Booker DeWitt and Elizabeth to get back The First Lady airship from the Vox Populi and in order to do so, they need to find him at the Good Time Club. After an eventful job interview, the duo heads to the basement prison. On their way, they find a blackboard listing prisoners currently jailed in the cells, where both Chen Lin's and Diego Molano's names are found. Opposite to cell #9 where Chen Lin is held is cell #8, which according to the blackboard, houses Diego Molano. The cell door is locked, but Elizabeth can unlock it with five lockpicks. Inside, they find Molano's lifeless body on mattresses. His face appears to be badly beaten and a large bloodstain sits next to his head. The room is filled with garbage, a few handcuffs, and a book is set next to his corpse, but most noteworthy, a random Gear can be found in the corner of the room.

Diego Molano is not affected by entering the Tear to another Columbia, but his cell loses its number and the lighting inside comes from the window, instead of the light outside the cell door.



  1. Due to the fact that his body is in such a good shape, he couldn't have been there for a long time.
  2. The blackboard in the Good Times Club's basement lists the occupant of cell #8 as Diego Molano.