Dieter Sonnekalb
Nothing gets the betties in the mood like nighttime in Arcadia. Now I just gotta stop by the Thrifty Care to pick up a med hypo, just to be safe. Word is this ain't Angelina's first visit to the Tea Garden…
― Dieter Sonnekalb[src]

Dieter Sonnekalb is a young resident of Rapture who often visited Arcadia.


Before the fall of Rapture, Dieter Sonnekalb was set to have a date with a young woman by the name of Angelina. Sonnekalb was well prepared before he left for the Tea Garden in Arcadia: to ensure the night would be a success, he had picked up a bottle of wine, flowers, and even a Med Hypo from Thrifty Care, "just to be safe."[1]


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In BioShock, upon his arrival to Arcadia, Jack has a brief vision of Dieter's and Angelina's ghosts engaging in romantic play. Due to the fact that their ghosts are seen, it can be assumed that Dieter, Angelina, or both of them have died, had their ADAM harvested, and have had their memories enter the ADAM cycle.

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Behind the ScenesEdit

  • Sonnekalb shares his last name with Justin Sonnekalb, one of the game's assistant producers.[2]
  • Dieter Sonnekalb's voice actor John Ahlin also provided the voice of Sullivan.
  • In his Audio Diary, Sonnekalb makes the only references in the game to the removed Med Hypo, which was replaced by the First Aid Kit.


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