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Doc Miller was a citizen of Australia who disappeared during The Vanishing. He was witnessed disappearing along with several other notable Australians, including Kyburz, on the beach of Turtle Bay. To date, the only reference to him is this newspaper clipping from There's Something in the Sea.


Feb. '67
Caims resident claims to hold
key to a decades-old mystery

1947-'67 - why then - why now????
CAIRNS - It was twenty years ago
today. A group of area residents with
almost nothing in common gathered
on the beach of Turtle Bay - a
secluded area unknown even to many
locals. In the hours befor dawn they
stood on the beach with on bag
apiece as a red light shimmered
under the surface of water. And
then - they were gone, forever.
RED LIGHT!!! connection???
At least, that's how hugh "Goose"
Gaughan tells it.

A Local beachcomber and fix-it man,
he claims his story is the true expla-
nation behind the mysterious disap-
perances of a number of prominent
Australians in 1947.

"They was all there," claims 'Goose' in
his gruff smoky voice. "Doc Miller,
that fellow Kyburz and that sheila out
of Sydney, with the camera." One
suspects he means May J. Carmody, a
noted photographer.

There's only one problem with Goose's
story: even he doesn't remember what
happened to them.
always an unreliable witness
"It's a bit of a haze," admits Goose. He
claims he awoke on the beach in the
mid-day with gauzy recollectoins. Only
months later did he realise the connec-
tion between his dream-like memories
and the stories of missing persons in the
newspaper headlines.

Other local residents have taken a set
against Goose and his peculiar story.

"I've a better explanation for what
Goose saw,"says one local barman.
"And it's more to do with the pints of
bitter I've seen him put away."

Compare to list… they always DISMISS what they cannot EXPLAIN.