Drill Specialist is a Gene Tonic in BioShock 2. It greatly decreases EVE costs when casting Plasmids but prevents the player from using most weapons.

Clean drill spec

Minerva's Den Edit

Can be purchased for 75 ADAM in Gatherer's Gardens from the second machine in Operations and onwards.

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Location in BioShock 2.


Drill Specialist allows players to radically change their playstyle. On one hand, the Gene Tonic allows the more frequent use of damaging Plasmids such as Incinerate!, Telekinesis and Insect Swarm; and on the other, it grants players the ability to continually supplement their Drill damage, which is the highest of any weapon in the game, with action-impairing Plasmids such as Electro Bolt and Winter Blast. The latter are necessary in fights against armored enemies, as they can seriously damage the player (especially at melee range) if left unhindered.

Drill Specialist alone reduces the amount of EVE consumed by around 50%. Stacking with the EVE Saver line of tonics can further reduces that by a maximum of 62%.

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