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Duke's Choice Concessions sign.png

A Duke's Choice Concessions cart open for business.

What do you give to a hungry little patriot? What's more red, white, and blue than a hot dog?
― Duke's Choice Concessions Vendor[src]

Duke's Choice Concessions is a fast/street food provider in the city of Columbia, owned by the Dimwit & Duke franchise. Duke's Choice Concessions operates solely in Soldier's Field and does so from food carts and booths. The only known products Duke's Choice Concessions sold are Hot Dogs and soft drinks. The company seems to have been in direct competition with Alexander Hot Dogs.

BioShock Infinite[edit | edit source]

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Two Duke's Choice Concessions spots can be found on Main Street of Soldier's Field: A food cart by Dimwit & Duke Ice Cream Shoppe and a food booth by the elevator to the Hall of Heroes. Due to the fact that the Hall of Heroes is closed until further notice by the Columbia Police Authority, only the cart is open during the time Booker DeWitt and Elizabeth arrives. The Hot Dog Vendor proudly advertises the hot dogs and Booker can choose to buy one for 1 Silver Eagle, which he will consume.

Another Duke's Choice Concessions booth can be found in the ticket shop at Patriot's Pavilion, next to a Cigar Shop kiosk and like the latter booth, it is also closed.

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Behind the Scenes[edit | edit source]

  • If Booker has no money, there won't be a buy option at the food cart.
  • The Duke's Choice Concessions food cart uses one of two food cart models in the game, designed by Jonas Ronnegard.[1]
  • The marque shares the model of Duke's head with the Founders Books' marquee. The background is not only shared by Founders Books, but also by Dimwit & Duke Ice Cream Shoppe and Columbia Creamery.

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