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An EVE Dispenser.

EVE Dispensers are a type of vending machine encountered early in the course of BioShock 2. When these machines are used, an EVE Hypo will drop from a slot into an area for the player to grab. The main purpose of these machines, gameplay-wise, is to provide the player with more EVE, should they run out before accomplishing their current task. EVE Dispensers cost no money to use. It is recommended that the player max out their EVE supply using the dispenser before leaving.


ADAM had become such a major part of life in Rapture that spa technicians in the Adonis Luxury Resort used Plasmids in luxurious, pseudo-regenerative treatments. While the results were mixed, the treatments required workers to have a steady stream of EVE to recharge their Plasmids, thus necessitating the EVE Dispensers. Use of EVE and Plasmids in the workplace, instead of just for recreational purposes, undoubtedly exacerbated ADAM addiction in the user.

BioShock 2[]

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Subject Delta comes across an EVE Dispenser in the Plasmid Therapy wing of the Adonis Luxury Resort, BioShock 2's tutorial level. When he finds a Gatherer's Garden and gains his first Plasmid, Electro Bolt, the shock to his system leaves Delta haunched on the ground. A Big Sister abducts a Little Sister who was speaking with Delta and then runs through a door which malfunctions, seals, and requires a jolt of Electro Bolt to reopen. The EVE Dispenser ensures that a player, still trying to get accustomed to the controls and game mechanics, will not become trapped inside Plasmid Therapy.

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Dispensers were installed in certain areas of Rapture to aid in common tasks. They will produce one kind of tool -- use them to resupply if necessary.

Behind the Scenes[]

  • This is similar to the tutorial in BioShock. After gaining Electro Bolt in the Lounge of the Bathysphere Station, Jack zaps open the Securis bulkhead to pass through to the glass tunnel. If he should use up all of his EVE before accomplishing the task, Atlas will radio that he's sending a new EVE Hypo through the Pneumo Tube. The EVE Dispenser streamlines this process by accomplishing this task without requiring contact from another character.