Earnest Eagle standing statue

Earnest Eagle Statues in the Welcome Center.

When the foreign hordes come marching into town, will you be prepared to stand those buggers down? They'll do their level best to take all that's rightly yours, and it's your sole duty to keep them from our shores!
― Earnest Eagle's song, The Readiness Is All[src]

Earnest Eagle is a very popular children's mascot created by the Founders Party in Columbia, and serves the same purpose as other propaganda characters aimed at children, like Dimwit & Duke, which is to indoctrinate and encourage the children of Columbia to train themselves for the prophesied upcoming invasion of the mainland below. Unlike Duke and Dimwit which are supposed to be a role model and a comic relief character, Earnest Eagle symbolizes the city's military might.


Earnest Eagle Ship kiosk

Earnest Eagle is a giant, stout anthropomorphic bald eagle, commonly known as the symbol of United States. He possesses a large beak and sports various military outfits, with the most common being one he appears in looking like a uniform of the Confederates. He is usually seen in various cartoony military vehicles, such as a red biplane, a battleship, and a tank. Earnest Eagle is a very popular character in Columbia, his first appearance being in Battleship Bay. The character appears on posters, advertisements, and as a big, animatronic, Shock Jockey-powered statue in the Soldier's Field Welcome Center. His likeness is also present on ticket booths in the Soldier's Field where he sports a navy cap and is sitting on top of the booth itself which resembles a battleship with eyes. The character is supposedly a "friend" of Duke and Dimwit.


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  • The type of tank Earnest Eagle drives in wasn't introduced until 1917.[citation needed]
  • Earnest's animatronic statue would actually be rather dangerous for children, as their hands can be crushed by rail-moving Duke's, or get electrocuted by the unstable Shock Jockey bursts that the machine emits.