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For the character in BioShock 2, see Edward Grimes.

So is treated the righteous man in the United States of "Un-America"…
― Radio Announcement[src]

Edward "Teddy" Taylor was a 17-year-old citizen of the United States of America, living in Greenville, Texas.


Edward Taylor was a young man who was a devoted follower of the Founding Fathers, which the society around him did not approve of. He would perform daily prayers to the Fathers, which did ultimately grab the attention of the locals and the Pro-Union police force of Greenville. On July the 7th, the police captured and charged Taylor for "spiritual wrongdoing" and were on their to the Greenville Jail when a mob of citizen overpowered them and took Taylor. He was brought to a courtyard where he was slowly burned alive in front of approximately 600 on-lookers.[1]

BioShock Infinite[]

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Although the event occurred miles below Columbia, it still drew the attention of the floating city. After arriving at Beggar's Wharf at the Finkton Docks, Booker DeWitt can optionally enter one of the Fink Manufacturing Delivery Center's receiving offices, located near the wharf's exit. Inside, a radio broadcast can be heard covering the event from a Columbian view, referring to the USA as the "United States of "Un-America"."[1]

Behind the Scenes[]

  • As the broadcast that we learn about Edward Taylor is propaganda, it is a near certainty that the events described are partially, if not totally, fictional.


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