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For the character in BioShock Infinite, see Edward "Teddy" Taylor.

Edward Grimes
We had to re-break and set them almost a dozen times each due to the small window of viability. Now, those children may be immortal, but I can verify, they feel pain.
― Edward Grimes[src]

Doctor Edward Grimes was a physician who worked for Dr. Sofia Lamb in Persephone.


Before the total collapse of Rapture's society, Grimes was involved with various therapy sessions and experiments on inmates of the prison. Grimes was also involved in the Little Sister program after Sofia Lamb revived it in 1967. Part of his work involved trying to relieve the pain the Sisters felt while being treated. One of his treatments backfired, resulting in the girls causing themselves personal injury without the inhibition of pain to stop them.

Audio Diaries[]

BioShock 2[]


Grimes diary picture 2 Grimes diary picture

First and second alternative diary images.

  • Grimes has multiple Audio Diary portraits, and different ones show for different platforms. The BioShock 2 Strategy Guide shows the correct image for all of Grimes' diaries.
    • On the Games for Windows Live PC versions, the diary image for "A Simple Question" appears as the first alternative image seen to the right, which was later used for Audrey Hesselgren in the DLC Minerva's Den. Since the Steam versions, the portrait for that specific diary is missing when played. For all other diaries, the second image to the right is used.
    • On Xbox 360, sometimes the diary image for "They Feel Pain" appears as the second alternative image to the right, and for all other diaries the correct image is used.
    • On the PS3, the diary image for "A Simple Question" appears as the correct image. For all other diaries, the second image to the right is used.
    • A glitch may occur where the diary image may be the diary image of The Thinker.
    • In the remastered version of BioShock 2 featured in BioShock: The Collection, the correct image is displayed for all diaries.

Behind the Scenes[]

  • A removed Audio Diary reveals that Grimes was killed by two of the Little Sisters he cared for. The girls wrongfully believed that he could heal like they could, and began performing 'surgery' on him while playing a game of doctor.