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Eleanor's face as she speaks to Subject Delta's mind.

Throughout the story of BioShock 2, Eleanor Lamb is able to provide visions to Subject Delta and communicate mentally through their shared bond. These visions range from Eleanor simply encouraging Delta to progress in his journey across Rapture, to giving information that reveals more about her and Delta's pasts. She will also let Delta know whenever a Little Sister Gift appears at a Gatherer's Garden station if he chooses the path of rescuing the Little Sisters instead of harvesting them.

Several of Eleanor's visions, particularly those from Dionysus Park, are derived from the genetic memory effects of recycled ADAM.

BioShock 2[]

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Eleanor's visions are characterized by a visual overlay of retinal blood vessels (Purkinje tree) and a distinct "blood pumping in the ears" sound effect. They are not stored in the Radio Messages in the player's inventory. However, once closer in proximity to Eleanor in Persephone, her messages will be transmitted over the radio.

Adonis Luxury Resort[]

Electrobolt gift.png

― Approaching the Gatherer's Garden in Plasmid Therapy.

Atlantic Express[]

Telekinesis gift.png

Father, it's me, Eleanor. I know you're awake in there, I can feel it. Mother won't be able to… to toy with you like that. Ever again. This Plasmid is for you. If I'm right, you can use it now. Please, find me!
― Finding Telekinesis in the Jet-Postal mail room.

Ryan Amusements[]

AD gNr021-lNr06 Eleanor Lamb - Eat Dog f0046.jpg

Until you arrive, Father, I'm trapped here. Smuggling these gifts out is the most I can do to help.
― Finding Drill Power and the Audio Diary, Eat Dog, on the way to the El Dorado Lounge.

Pauper's Drop[]

Here, Father. It's yours. You are evolving quickly, but your heart is getting weaker. I can keep you alive, but you must find me!
― Finding Hypnotize when entering The Limbo Room in Skid Row.

Siren Alley[]

I think Mother knows I'm helping you like this. She's accelerating my treatments. Don't give up on me!
― Finding Security Command in the Maintenance Area from Little Eden Plaza to Plaza Hedone.
You're not alone, Father - the girls you rescued are on your side. Check the Gatherer's Garden for a package.
― First Little Sister Gift containing Proud Parent if player rescued the Little Sisters.

Dionysus Park[]

Launcherdionysus park.jpg

Take this, Father, and hurry… Mother can't hear this but she's… she's looking right at me. And her face…
― Finding the Launcher.

Bio2 DionPark Eleanor's Vision 1.png

Father, this ADAM you've found contains memories from all the bodies here. Normally, only a Little Sister can see them… but I can show you what Stanley's trying to hide… When mother was taken away, Stanley was left in charge of Dionysus Park… he spent all her money, threw these mad parties — it was like he was trying to ruin her…
― First round of ADAM corpses.
The girls you've saved from Mother want to thank you, Father. Check the Gatherer's Garden.
― Second Little Sister Gift containing Demanding Father if player rescued the Little Sisters.

Bio2 DionPark Eleanor's Vision 2.png

That's me, there… I confronted Stanley — said I'd tell mother what he had done. He panicked — took me away and sold me to an orphanage. I tried to fight back… I remember biting his hand, but… Father, he's the reason I was turned into a Little Sister…
― Second round of ADAM corpses.

Bio2 DionPark Eleanor's Vision 3.png

With me gone, Father… Stanley just let mother's followers turn into animals. When word came that she was returning, he knew they would blame him — so he found a way to silence them all… And now he's trying to cover it up…
― Third round of ADAM corpses.
Mother's not lying this time, Father… he really did it… to both of us.
― Meeting Stanley Poole in the unlocked control booth.

Fontaine Futuristics[]


This is where they bound us together, Father… playing God… you were the only good thing Rapture ever gave me…
― Approaching Alpha Series Candidate Induction in the ADAM Research Laboratory.
The girls are whispering, Father… they've left you a present at the Gatherer's Garden… take it…
― Third Little Sister Gift containing if player rescued the Little Sisters.

Outer Persephone[]

Father, come quickly. I'm trapped in a cage… something's wrong…
― Approaching the Examination Rooms.

Behind the Scenes[]

  • A removed vision that is still present in the game files reveals that the developers at one point intended Subject Delta to be Eleanor's actual biological father. It would have stated that Sofia Lamb bought Delta's DNA while he was imprisoned in Persephone. Sofia did not explicitly choose Delta; she simply needed the seed by which she could make Eleanor.[1]
    • However, another unused file shows they also planned to make it clear she was not Delta's daughter. [2]
  • The second memory seen after dealing with the second Little Sister in Dionysus Park is flawed. It starts showing a regular Little Sister, supposed to be Eleanor, and ends using Eleanor's actual child model.


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