Electric Flesh is a Gene Tonic available in BioShock and BioShock 2. It serves to enhance the damage dealt by electric attacks and to protect the player from electric damage.

BioShock Edit

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Challenge Rooms Edit

In Worlds of Hurt, Electric Flesh can be bought at the Gatherer's Garden in the central hub for 50 ADAM.


The reduced electric damage of Electric Flesh is most helpful when shocking enemies in water that the player is standing in with Electro Bolt; the player will take considerably less damage than normal, making it much less critical to find dry land while performing the "Toaster in the Tub" technique. With Electric Flesh 2, the elimination of all incoming electric damage makes it completely unnecessary to find dry land while performing the technique. Electric Flesh 2 also renders Trap Bolts completely harmless. The two Tonics can be stacked for a whopping 90% increase in outgoing electric damage.

BioShock 2 Edit


Minerva's Den Edit

Can be purchased for 35 ADAM in Gatherer's Gardens onward the second machine in Operations.


This Tonic makes electrified water harmless, leaving the player free to zap enemies in water with Electro Bolt regardless of whether the player standing in the water or not. Combining this tonic with Fountain of Youth allows the player to continuously zap a target in water for heavy damage, without giving the target a chance to retaliate and without needing to use a EVE Hypo while casting, all while the player takes no electricity damage at all in return - this results in a very powerful combination that can take down even powerful enemies with minimum effort.

Behind the Scenes Edit

  • The in-game description of Electric Flesh 2 claims that "You'll take much less damage from electricity" when it, in fact, gives you complete 100% immunity to electric attacks. This could either be an oversight or evidence that the tonic may have originally been intended to only provide a limited amount of resistance like the other elemental defense Gene Tonics.
  • Electric Flesh 2 is the only Gene Tonic in BioShock that provides immunity to a damage type.