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B1 EMP Bomb

The completed bomb.

The device is almost finished. I can't get soft now, I can't!
― Kyburz[src]

The Electromagnetic Pulse Bomb, or simply the EMP Bomb, was a device created by Kyburz to overload the energy core in Hephaestus. Kyburz never got a chance to use the device, and it lies unfinished and undiscovered in a crawlspace behind his working area.


As the Rapture Civil War spiraled out of control, life in the underwater utopia grew increasingly desperate. Friends, neighbors, compatriots all began to turn on each other as ideology and war ripped society to pieces. Kyburz became convinced that the only way to end the bloodshed was to take out Rapture's polarizing leader Andrew Ryan.

Before he could do this, he had to find a way to breach Ryan's defenses and gain access to the man's office in Rapture Central Control. He figured an Electromagnetic Pulse Bomb would be the only thing strong enough to overcome the magnetic lock. Both Anya Andersdotter and Pablo Navarro speculated its existence, but were killed before discovering further details.


B1 EMP Bomb Activate

The EMP does its job.

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When Jack happens upon the device, he sets out to finish what Kyburz had started. As outlined in his audio diary, Assembling the Bomb, the items needed to finish the device are:

Once Jack obtains the components, he uses them to complete the bomb. Jack then plants the bomb, activates it to overload the core, and gains access to Rapture Central Control, where Andrew Ryan awaits him.

Behind the Scenes[]

  • The onscreen help-tip will display Find Pablo's EMP Bomb. However, the relevant audio diaries establish that Kyburz designed the bomb[1] while Pablo only knew vague details[2] and had not yet investigated further.[3]
  • Despite being carried by hand to the magnetic lock, the bomb has what appears to be stabilizers in its tail, and also a propeller. This could imply that the bomb's casing comes from a torpedo (some of which were used by Sofia Lamb and Simon Wales in BioShock 2). The bomb casing actually looks very similar to the rear portion of the Mark VIII aerial torpedo used by the U.S. Navy in World War II. The major difference being that the Mark VIII had two propellers and the model in game has only one.[4]


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