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Elena Rodriguez was a six-year-old from La Boca, Spain, who was kidnapped by a Big Sister and taken to Rapture in 1967. There, she was presumably turned into a Little Sister.

There's Something in the SeaEdit


Article about Elena Rodriguez' disappearance.

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Elena was kidnapped before the 24 of April 1967, as Mark Meltzer noted the date of an article in a newspaper about the missing girl. During the night, a Big Sister apparently broke a window and entered the house Elena was staying in. Elena's screams were heard, but neither Elena nor her abductor was spotted. The local police started a large search for the girl, with civilians joining in, but no significant trace was found of the girl or the abductor.[1]

Newspaper articleEdit



LA BOCA, Spain - Local police have enlisted citizens in a
wide-rangeing search for an area girl who went missing after an
apparent break-in.
The girl, Elena Rodriguez, age 6, was heard
to scream in the night. A broken window suggest forced entry
but few traces remain.

Behind the ScenesEdit

  • Elena is not known to have any relation with Hector Rodriguez from BioShock, even though they share the same surname.
  • La Boca is actually not located in Spain, but in Argentina.[2]


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