I swear on my life, Andrew Ryan will pay… for this Hell he's created… and for Adelaide.
― Elise Tobet[src]

Elise Tobet is a citizen of Rapture, the mother of Adelaide Tobet and the wife of Michael Tobet. She sends her daughter away to the Little Sister's Orphanage when they can no longer afford to feed her. Later, her husband sees Adelaide, who had been transformed into a Little Sister. Angry, Elise vows to get revenge on Andrew Ryan for Adelaide's condition and joins Atlas' insurgent group, along with her husband. Elise expresses regret however, remarking that everybody is jubilant when they return from a raid but that nobody is happy when they see the tiny broken bodies go into the fire -- referring to disposal of the bodies of Little Sisters they harvested for ADAM after taking down their protecting Big Daddy. Elise later walks into such a pyre without explanation, suggesting that she saw Adelaide, either real or imagined, among the dead bodies. Atlas later informs Michael of her death and that Elise "didn't even scream … not until the very end."[1]


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