Elliot Nelson
Give Sinclair a few bucks for a load of vials and needles, then it's evenings putting these syringes together while I listen to the radio… sell 'em back to Sinclair at twice the price!
― Elliot Nelson[src]

Elliot Nelson was a resident of Pauper's Drop in Rapture. When he was out of work, he accepted a job from Augustus Sinclair constructing hypodermic needles during his free time at home. He would buy the needle parts from Sinclair, construct them, and then sell them back for twice the price for the labor involved. Nelson thought that Sinclair was a sucker for giving him such a good deal.[1] Sinclair was charging him twice what the needle parts were worth, and paying him less than what he could get if he could sell the finished hypos to Ryan Industries[2] (a typical business ratio to cover various overhead, operations and risk).

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