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But who am I, except some undercover schmuck you sent to give you straight dope?
― Emmet Wyman[src]

Emmett Wyman was a citizen of Rapture and an employee of Ryan Industries.


Emmett Wyman was sent to Fontaine's Department Store disguised as one of the former workers for Frank Fontaine, in order to spy on the other inmates and keep Andrew Ryan informed about what was happening down there. In the Housewares department, he recorded his 8th audio diary in an attempt to inform Ryan about Atlas building an army against him,[1] but he was caught and murdered before he could deliver the message.

Burial at Sea - Episode 2Edit

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Elizabeth can find Wyman's tortured body in the 'Employees Only' room of Bathyspheres DeLuxe's Test-Drive, tied to a chair with the words "Company Man" written in red paint (or blood) on the wall behind him.

Audio DiaryEdit

Burial at Sea - Episode 2Edit


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