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Welcome to Emporia sign
We’re going to Emporia. And then, we gon’ see what it takes to rouse them from their slumber.
― Daisy Fitzroy[src]

Emporia was home to the wealthiest citizens of Columbia, including its founder, Zachary Hale Comstock. It is the largest stronghold for the Founders in the city as Shantytown is for the Vox Populi.


Emporia Billboard

Emporia seemed to contain the heart of Columbia itself, housing the city's upper class and also Comstock House, which can be seen even on the outskirts of the district. It has tall stately buildings and towers, with narrow streets and seemed to resemble a smaller, floating New York.

The district's main transportation hub was the massive and elegant Grand Central Depot where people could peruse the numerous shops and restaurants within the station or in Downtown Emporia as well as board a gondola or hovercraft at Port Prosperity to other areas.

BioShock Infinite[]

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Excuse me…if there is anyone who can hear the sound of my voice… These are dire times and I could ever so use your aid… I hope no one has forgotten about me here… Er, ah… Now, back to the music…
― Radio Announcements[src]

Booker DeWitt and Elizabeth accidentally end up in Emporia after their airship had been taken down by Songbird. At this point, Emporia is nothing but a war zone due to the presence of the Vox Populi as Columbian citizens are being evacuated onto airships. A dead, alternate Booker Dewitt had led the Vox Populi attack on Emporia, leaving behind several Columbian politician's scalps nailed to a board. As a result, the Vox Populi control the majority of Emporia, with red banners and paint covering most of the downtown area. As Elizabeth and Booker move on, they find that all citizens not on the evacuating airships are either in hiding or dead. 

Port Prosperity[]

Port Prosperity is Emporia's primary docking station. The First Lady crashes here after an attack from Songbird.

Grand Central Depot[]

Outlook on Emporia

The gondola connecting Port Prosperity with the Grand Central Depot.

The district's main transportation hub. It had a large, roomy interior and included a Founders Books outlet. A gondola could fetch people to and from the lower districts.

The Salty Oyster[]

As a bar, this is one of the local places for the big spenders to hang out. The kitchen can be unlocked by hitting a secret button underneath the counter.

Founders Books[]

The bookstore in Grand Central Depot. It has a lounge room for reading in the basement.

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  4. Ronald Frank - Sally!
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  1. Lutece's Brother Arrives in Columbia


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