Carlson Fiddle Title Escape Plan
Speaker Carlson Fiddle
Level Ryan Amusements
Escape Plan
AD gNr024-lNr09 Carlson Fiddle - Escape Plan f0051
Transcript: I been rationing my supplies ever since the park got cut off from the rest of Rapture. Gotta stay strong. I'm holed up in this workshop, surrounded by those wailing brats, tryin' to beat their way in. They want my food, my guns... they want it all! But I've got a plan -- gonna fix up the transport sub that's been rusting in the maintenance bay. Then I'm gonna get the hell out of this hole. These animals want Rapture? They can have it.

Location: Beside a gatherable corpse in the Ride Cart Garage.

AD gNr024-lNr09 Carlson Fiddle - Escape Plan f0052

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