If I cannot reconcile these numbers, Ms. Klein will be so very…cross with me.
― Heady Splicers idling[src]

Evelyn Klein was the severe Personnel Manager of Rapture Central Computing who fully applied her authority upon her subordinates of the company's Executive Wing. She recorded several announcements for both the company's employees and visitors to Minerva's Den, reminding of strict security protocols and interdictions within the facility. Her audio diary also highlights the issue with McClendon's overzealous Vacuum Bots, as one of them sucked in one of her heels.

Audio DiariesEdit

For Public Address Announcements by Evelyn Klein, see BioShock 2 Public Address Announcements.

Minerva's DenEdit


Bioshock 2 Minerva's Den Evelyn Klein's Announcements

Bioshock 2 Minerva's Den Evelyn Klein's Announcements

Behind the ScenesEdit

  • Only one of her audio diaries was kept in the released version of Minerva's Den. The others show further examples of her severe attitude with the other employees of the Administrative Wing of Rapture Central Computing. Among examples of Ms. Klein's control issues are her complaints about Mr. Csurics scheduling her announcement recordings at inconsistent times, her assistant Maurice not retrieving the contract for McClendon Vacuum Bots on time, Miss Hills fraternizing with another employee (and subsequently being fired), Mr. Vanaman needing to send a competent repairman to fix a leak in the break room, Maurice not getting the mauve upholstery on her new office chair, a Vacuum Bot eating one of her shoes, and ordering Benjamin (Maurice's replacement) to obtain new shoes for her within the hour after they are requested.
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