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Fanomatic Logo

The Fanomatic at work.

Fanomatic is a brand of fan system found in Rapture. The units are most commonly seen in the Silverwing Apiary.


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Jack passes a few Fanomatics during his trek through Rapture, such as the unit by the staircase in the Farmer's Market. However, the only ones he can interact with are in the Silverwing. The apiary used the units to spread and disperse smoke on the beehives, protecting workers from getting stung on their rounds.

There are a total of four units, each found near a corner of the room. Pulling the lever on one of the two smoke controller consoles powers the fans to fill the area with smoke for a duration of forty seconds. In that time, Jack can search the facility for Enzyme Samples and other valuables. Green lights, positioned on the walls and door frames, flash to the click of a timer, sounding off the remaining seconds. By the time forty seconds are up, the smoke has cleared enough for the bees to return to their routine (and to be dangerous to anyone remaining in their proximity).


Behind the Scenes[]

  • The name "Fanomatic" is a reference to Ron Popeil's famous product pitches.[1] He commonly added the suffix "O-Matic" at the end of a product's name to add a catchy originality that people would easily remember.


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